August 22, 2023

Cardano DeFi Masterclass FAQs



EMURGO Academy launched the Cardano DeFi Masterclass course in collaboration with the Cardano DeFi Alliance (CDA) to meet the increasing demand for Cardano DeFi knowledge. Here is a FAQ list.

What is the Cardano DeFi Masterclass?

Led by the best and brightest minds from the Cardano ecosystem, the Cardano DeFi Masterclass is a uniquely authentic Cardano blockchain-centric course aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of decentralized finance in Cardano, developed by and taught by leaders in the Cardano ecosystem for Cardano learners.

  • A 6-week, 40-hour online blockchain course
  • Presentations and live learning sessions with interactive Q&A

To address many of the questions prospective students may have, this blog will cover Cardano DeFi Masterclass FAQs and also have an enrollment link below.


Course Objectives and Overview

  • Who are the thought leaders behind this course? What are their backgrounds?

Within the course, you’ll have the exciting chance to interact with distinguished thought leaders at the forefront of the Cardano ecosystem. These influential figures serve as the driving forces behind acclaimed DeFi dApps such as SundaeSwap, Indigo, Charli3, and more.

  • What if I miss out on some classes due to scheduling conflicts? Can I re-watch them somehow?

All live sessions will be recorded and available within at least 24 hours from the time of the live session. All other material will be available for reference within the myEMURGO portal for the duration of the course plus additional 6 weeks (total of 12 weeks). 

  • What is the primary objective of this course, and how does it cater to the diverse needs of both technical and non-technical learners, ensuring an inclusive and balanced learning experience for all participants?

Again a great question! Since anyone in the DeFi space needs to have strong fundamentals and a clear insight into the functioning of DeFi on Cardano, we feel that this course will help beginners and technical learners alike, as they are having a unique opportunity to discuss various aspects of DeFi with the experts from various DeFi DApps directly!

  • What can I get from completing this course?

This course focuses on gaining a thorough and expert-led understanding of how the various DeFi applications on Cardano work together, and you will be able to interact in the right manner, with the proper approach and understanding of how to use composability features in DeFi in Cardano.

  • How many students are accepted for the batch? Will I be able to get personal hands-on instruction and feedback from instructors? 

We are expecting around 40 learners for this batch. However, based on popular demand this might be extended to more people if deemed necessary. All learners will have a chance to interact during the live sessions with the experts from every DeFi team on the agenda on a week-by-week basis. They are welcome to ask any specific queries and get them clarified during these batch sessions. However, there will be no private 1-to-1 instruction in these sessions. 

  • Is there an official certificate after taking this course?

Yes, you will receive an NFT credential co-certified by EMURGO Academy and the Cardano DeFi Alliance. The NFT will be airdropped to a new and separate wallet created specifically for this purpose by you, to ensure that there is no privacy information leaked during this process. 

  • How proficient will I be after taking the course?

Please take a look at the extensive list of topics being covered by experts during the 6-week course.

By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of various DeFi concepts such as security best practices, AMM DEXs, Synthetics, Stablecoins, Yield Farming, Arbitrage, Market Making, Perpetuals, Options, Leverage, Oracles, DAO Governance models along with a better understanding of Regulatory and Taxation aspects in DeFi today. You will also discover how to interact with various DeFi dApps on Cardano and learn how to compose various DeFi apps to maximize their benefits.

  • Are there any possibilities to get hired in the Cardano DeFi space through the Cardano DeFi Masterclass course?

The primary focus of the Cardano DeFi Masterclass is to help DeFi enthusiasts gain a depth of understanding and insights into the Cardano DeFi revolution. As a first step, anyone who wants to work on DeFi needs to first understand it properly, and this course should help you from that perspective. EMURGO Academy also has a wide offering of industry-vetted, strong technical development programs that can help you in the journey from an enthusiast to a dApp developer if you so desire.

  • Where can I get a detailed schedule or agenda for the course?

Please visit to find out more about the program and register for it.

  • How is the DeFi Masterclass course different from the one with the University of Nicosia?

Great question! The UNIC DeFi Lab is focused on general DeFi concepts and best practices and focuses on various blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. 

In contrast, the Cardano DeFi Masterclass’ entire focus is on the Cardano DeFi ecosystem, with the best and brightest minds of the top Cardano DeFi apps helping learners to understand inside perspectives. This is an industry-first educational program developed by the Cardano ecosystem for the Cardano ecosystem.

  • What is the starting date and will there be subsequent batches? What if I can’t make the dates for this batch?

The batch start date is tentatively planned for September 8, 2023. Please stay tuned for more updates on Twitter/X by following @emurgo_io and visiting the EMURGO Academy Cardano DeFi Masterclass page.

  • How can I get in touch with you about more questions?

For any inquiries you might have, feel free to email us at

Course Topics & Prerequisites

  • When do the classes typically commence, and how does the course accommodate participants in various time zones? Additionally, if recorded sessions are available for self-paced viewing, how are the live sessions managed in this regard?

The exact timing of the session will be communicated 2 weeks in advance. These will be scheduled as per US Eastern Time, either in the morning time or evening time. More details to follow.

  • Is there any required homework or assignments outside of the lectures?

Yes, there will be certain assessments and assignments that you will be expected to complete successfully and meet the criteria for certification. These activities have been planned to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit and learning experience from the course.

  • Does this course have any prerequisites?

There are no hard prerequisites for this course. If you are a blockchain enthusiast or a Cardano enthusiast, you can take advantage of the amazing curriculum to understand and utilize DeFi concepts on Cardano.

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  • How much technical knowledge would I need for this course?

This is a course designed for blockchain enthusiasts in general and Cardano enthusiasts, in particular, to become better informed and make informed decisions while interacting with DeFi apps on Cardano. We don’t make any assumptions about your technical knowledge of various concepts, hence there are no technical prerequisites per se, though it doesn’t hurt to know a little about DeFi or Cardano.

  • Does this course only cover Cardano? Will it go into DeFi on other blockchain networks?

No, this course only covers Cardano DeFi as we believe that this is a necessity for Cardano enthusiasts to be able to make informed decisions while exploring Cardano DeFi applications. Alternative courses on General DeFi that cover multiple blockchain protocols and DeFi applications, can be found on the EMURGO Academy website.

  • Will we be building any DeFi dApps?

No, this is not a developer-oriented course. This is a course built to help general blockchain and Cardano enthusiasts become better informed about the specifics of DeFi dApps on Cardano.

  • Will the course cover topics about bots in DeFi?

There are certain aspects of bot-based trading and arbitrage opportunities for bots. One of the prominent DeFi apps in the CDA Alliance has a focused approach to enablement of bots in such scenarios. However, we might only touch upon this aspect. The curriculum is ever-evolving and if we see a strong need for it, we will bring in those elements in the next iteration as well.

Pricing & Payment Options

  • What is the basis for the course’s pricing? 

The course fee is reflective of its exceptional value proposition and meticulously crafted 6-week-long course content. In partnership with the Cardano DeFi Alliance, this is a Cardano DeFi-centric course developed by and taught by the Cardano ecosystem and is designed to offer you insights and expertise by offering direct access to thought leaders across the leading dApps on Cardano. These leaders are instrumental in shaping the DeFi landscape on the Cardano platform. We provide a unique opportunity for in-depth learning and interaction with them combined with the established educational team at EMURGO Academy

There will be a live session at the end of every week of the program, where the registered learners will get to interact with these DeFi project presenters and our educational team.

By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of various DeFi concepts such as security best practices, AMM DEXs, Synthetics, Stablecoins, Yield Farming, Arbitrage, Market Making, Perpetuals, Options, Leverage, Oracles, DAO Governance models along with a better understanding of Regulatory and Taxation aspects in DeFi today. 

Overall, EMURGO Academy and the Cardano DeFi Alliance believe in shared success and thus, your support plays an important role in contributing to a larger positive impact. Course instructors and presenters are partners in this educational initiative and share in the residuals which help participating projects reach broader goals and also create further opportunities for others.

  • What payment methods are accepted for the course?

You can register for the course on our website and select the payment option from the various options available. You can pay by credit card, debit, or PayPal.

Please register using the link here.

  • What is the price of the Cardano DeFi Masterclass course?

The course is $165 per week. Registration and payment can be done at by clicking the “Enroll Now” button at the top.

Enroll in the Cardano DeFi Masterclass

The Cardano DeFi Masterclass is scheduled to start on September 8, 2023. 

To enroll now, visit


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