Shape the future of Web3 on Cardano

Join EMURGO and play an active role in helping to shape a decentralized Web3 future built on the Cardano blockchain.

Life at EMURGO

A Global, Remote, Web3 Company

At EMURGO, we embrace a remote and decentralized work environment that empowers talents to be proactive with their ideas and enables career development opportunities as well as a healthy work-life balance.

  • Remote-first

    People are able to work from anywhere and enjoy a work-life balance.

  • Task ownership

    People are encouraged to take initiative and propose new ideas.

  • Career advancement

    As a Web3 company and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO offers people many opportunities to upskill and advance their careers.

  • our mission

    To be the most trusted and leading blockchain entity driving Cardano adoption

    As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO drives Cardano adoption via education, investment, and infrastructure development.

    Our Mission
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    Our Mission

    our values

    Fostering collaboration, trust, and leadership

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    In a remote working environment, teammates rely upon and trust each other to achieve individual and collective goals.


    We value people that display perseverance and grit to take on new initiatives and find the best results for Cardano users and projects.


    People are laser-focused to achieve goals and deliver results in a fast moving industry.


    Our 110+ global employees work in close collaboration across different time zones, native languages, and cultures to achieve 
a common goal of driving Cardano adoption.

    Quick Action

    As a global remote company in the blockchain industry, quick action and decisiveness is a highly valued trait.


    Employee perks & benefits

    EMURGO provides a generous perks & benefits package to its employees around the world to encourage work-life balance and career development.


    Your Well-Deserved Breaks!

    We believe in the importance of work-life balance and prioritizing employee well-being. That’s why we offer a generous and flexible paid time off (PTO) policy to ensure you have the opportunity to recharge and enjoy your life outside of work!


    Remote And Hybrid Working Environment

    We offer a remote or hybrid working environment for all of our employees, many of whom are based around the world and work remotely from their preferred locations.


    Continuous Learning Opportunities

    Our employees have access to regular learning activities including our very own blockchain courses through EMURGO Academy. We aim to enhance your career development and advancement knowledge throughout your time with us.


    Covered Healthcare Costs & Benefits

    We offer covered healthcare services and benefits for permanent employees.


    Onboarding Buddy Support & Company Provided Devices

    We organize buddy support programs and we also provide necessary electronic devices and work productivity tools for permanent employees.


    Employee Recognition Initiatives

    We recognise colleagues who help one another be successful at work!

    A global Web3 company


    global employees




    office locations

    Recruitment process

    Start your Cardano career

    An informal interview with the TA team

    Have a casual discussion with the Talent Acquisition team to discover more about EMURGO and the applied role.

    Formal interview rounds with the hiring manager and stakeholders

    The formal interview rounds can include online assessments, and in-depth discussions with various stakeholders to get a better sense of the candidate’s potential fit with the company’s values and potential colleagues.

    Job offer

    Upon passing the interview rounds, a formal job offer is extended to the candidate.