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EMURGO Media focuses on building and growing the global Cardano community through trusted information and user empowerment.

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Harnessing the power of content.

Media inspires Cardano enthusiasts to innovate, connect, and change the world together through information and content.

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Setting the community up for success.

Media builds products and services for the global Cardano community to create, own, and distribute trusted Cardano-related content.


Our goal is to put the necessary tools in the hands of those shaping our future.

Cardano Spot OVERVIEW

Cardano Spot is a home to connect and celebrate the Cardano community.

Cardano Spot is a social content platform developed with the Cardano community at its core. A home for Cardano enthusiasts where they can stay up-to-date and grow through insights on the market and connection with the community.

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Inform and inspire people to change the world.

Access to reliable information in a fast-paced digital environment is key to enabling people to change the world.


Helping to transform the world with Cardano insights.

We aim to inspire innovation, collaboration, and progress toward a more decentralized and equitable future built on Cardano.

What people are saying about Cardano Spot.

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Crypto media has failed us pretty badly over the years, so I’m a fan of Cardano becoming more self-sufficient on the news and content side. We’ve got a lot of great content creators, but recently especially @CardanoSpot and @CardanoPills stood out to me. Wanted to shout them out

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01 / 03

Thank you for the highlight! Make sure to sign-up to Cardano Spot! Lots of great content on there.

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Clover Nodes


01 / 03

There is now an answer to the question “where do i find said information about #Cardano?”

And the answer is …@Cardanospot, the new Cardano Community social media platform and source of information, created by @emurgo_io. Now in Beta, get jiggy with it!

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