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Training developers and professionals for a Web3 future.

EMURGO Academy is the education unit of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO, empowering students, developers, and enthusiasts to navigate the blockchain ecosystem through a range of unparalleled courses.

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Education should serve as the bedrock of success.

As the education arm of a Cardano founding entity, Academy is equipped with the professional knowledge and expertise in the technical development of the Cardano blockchain to educate and empower learners.

Academy also works closely with Cardano ecosystem founding partners Input Output Global (IOG) and Cardano Foundation to deliver curated and updated educational content.


Flexible learning opportunities for one and all.

Academy has now expanded to offer different courses on Cardano to a range of student types interested in becoming a Cardano Developer, Solutions Architect, Business Analyst/Consultant, and more.

Cardano Solutions Architect

For serious developers looking to gain a strong grip on the design and architecture of professional Web3 solutions on the Cardano blockchain. The learner is expected to have a good understanding of mobile application development or full-stack web development.

Cardano Developer Professional

For serious developers to provide foundational knowledge of Web3 solutions development on Cardano. Learners will be able to develop and apply public blockchain solutions on the Cardano blockchain and create disruptive decentralized P2P solutions in various real-world use cases. Designed for developers with proficiency in any programming language and who are comfortable with building working applications.

Blockchain Business Consultant

For career professionals with a non-technical background to learn and understand how to apply blockchain technology to their professional industries. Learners will explore enterprise-level blockchain concepts, case studies, and create project proposals based on their respective industries.

Haskell Developer Professional

This practical skill-oriented program emphasizes strong development skills using Haskell which is the foundation for Plutus, Cardano’s smart contracts programming language, and Marlowe, a domain-specific language for financial smart contracts.  Learners will gain strong design skills in building performant systems and focus on the development of fault-tolerant systems.

Foundations of Blockchain w/ Cardano Overview

For general learners with a non-technical background to gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain fundamentals and an overview of the Cardano ecosystem.. Learners can attain professional business proficiency

What graduates are saying about EMURGO Academy

The sessions went in-depth on discussing the fundamental ideas behind blockchain systems and prepared me for a full-time career in blockchain.

Kelly Muhindi

EMURGO Academy Graduate

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EMURGO Academy offers online, offline, and blended learning modules for learners. For more information, please visit the website below.