Driving decentralized governance on Cardano.

EMURGO Ecosystem focuses on empowering the global Cardano community with a commitment to maintain and improve Cardano’s features that ensure decentralized governance and sustainability.

Facilitate Web3 solutions development.

The Cardano ecosystem aims to integrate additional implementations such as privacy preserving features; a Layer 2 solution to facilitate required TPS, or IDEs (Integrated Developer Environment) to facilitate developers’ coding, etc.; and alternative languages to script Cardano smart contracts to widen Cardano’s real use cases for individuals and enterprises.

Our purpose

The Ecosystem Division exists to identify and solve the challenges needed to accelerate the growth of the Cardano ecosystem, and develop the necessary tech stacks, either in-house or through the community.

The mission is to solve problems and figure out how to make it easier for dApp builders to build on Cardano.


Our strategic investments