June 17, 2021

Yoroi Wallet: Cardano Blockchain Alonzo Hard Fork Updates

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Cardano smart contracts: Enabling Cardano DeFi, Cardano NFTs, and other Cardano Web3 dApps

With smart contract functionality on the horizon for Cardano’s blockchain, Cardano recently launched the first of three testnets for smart contract integration with the the Alonzo Blue testnet.

Once smart contracts are integrated into Cardano’s blockchain with the official Alonzo hard fork mainnet release, it will support the development of a wide variety of DApp services including DeFi, NFTs, and the migration of projects from other blockchain platforms to Cardano.

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Use Yoroi Wallet to interact with Cardano Web3 dApps

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain and the developer of Cardano’s first light wallet, Yoroi, EMURGO is working to implement the required changes to be ready for Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork.

As the Alonzo hard fork will bring functional smart contracts and dApps to Cardano, EMURGO is developing a dApp Connector to enable users to explore Cardano’s dApp ecosystem.

Through these updates, the eventual goal is for Yoroi Wallet to enable Yoroi Wallet users to interact with a wide variety of Cardano dApps contributing to the expansion of a decentralized economy and the overall Cardano ecosystem.

EMURGO is strongly committed to contributing and helping the Cardano ecosystem to standardize this communication between wallets and dApps, and continues to expand the support of the serialization library broadly used by wallets (including Yoroi) and exchanges.

(See GitHub links here and here.)

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Yoroi is an open-source crypto light wallet for the Cardano community and is the first light wallet for Cardano ada holders.

It is available for desktop browsers and mobile.

With Yoroi, ada users can store, send, receive, and stake Cardano ada as well as integrate with Cardano dApps such as Cardano DeFi, Cardano NFTs, and the first USD-backed Cardano stablecoin, $USDA.

For more information and questions on Yoroi, please follow Yoroi on Twitter or directly reach Yoroi Support here.

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