November 20, 2023

Yoroi Swap Now Live on Android and iOS



Swap Cardano native assets right from your mobile phone. Powered by Muesliswap.

Swapping now available on Yoroi Mobile 

Yoroi Wallet is excited to introduce our latest swap feature for our Android and iOS users.  As of November 2023, our mobile users can swap Cardano native assets directly in Yoroi! The Yoroi Wallet team continues to work on features that enhance our user experience as well as push Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem forward, so keep on reading as we dive into the details of Yoroi Swap and the importance of the feature.

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The Importance of Swapping for Cardano’s Yoroi Wallet

The introduction of Yoroi’s swap feature comes at a timely moment for Cardano’s growing ecosystem.  According to Messari, the latest data for Cardano through Q3 shows an active and lively user base: Cardano’s stablecoin value was up 16% and 461% YTD, and TVL was up 198% YTD.  Through 2023, Cardano momentum took the chain from 34th to 12th in TVL ranking across all chains, as of November 2023 – a significant achievement.

Additionally, with the introduction of swapping in Yoroi, users now have a user-friendly and efficient tool at their disposal to better partake in Cardano’s vibrant DeFi ecosystem. Prior to native swapping in Yoroi, our users had to navigate multiple platforms and go through a multi-step process outside of Yoroi.  Now we’ve simplified asset swaps by allowing users to perform swaps directly from the Yoroi Wallet interface! 

How To Swap

To begin swapping just click “Swap” on the Wallet tab. 

Under the “Asset swap” tab, users will have the option of choosing between “Market” or “Limit” orders. We’ll go through a Market order for this blog piece. 

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User Flow screens

Select which token you would like to swap to, enter the amounts and approve the transaction by clicking “Swap.” You’ll be taken to a confirmation page to confirm your transaction. Select “Confirm.” That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve now completed a swap on Yoroi. 

How It Works

From a transactional perspective, Yoroi Wallet relies on Muesliswap’s DEX aggregator infrastructure to power our swap feature.  With their DEX aggregator capabilities, our users are empowered to trade using cost-effective and highly liquid channels, ensuring a seamless trading experience.  As the DEX aggregator’s capabilities expand through Muesliswap’s development efforts, we remain dedicated to making these developments accessible to our users in Yoroi.

Try Swapping With Yoroi Wallet

In conclusion, Yoroi Wallet is thrilled to usher in a new level of convenience for our users with the introduction of the Yoroi Swap feature.  This addition marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to enhancing the user experience and contributing to the growth of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.  We invite you to stay tuned for more updates.  Together, we’ll continue to explore, innovate, and empower the Cardano community to make the most of their Cardano native assets right within Yoroi Wallet.

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Developed by EMURGO Fintech a division within EMURGO – a founding entity of Cardano blockchain –  Yoroi is an open-source crypto wallet for the Cardano ecosystem. Yoroi is also self-custodial, meaning the user has complete control over their Cardano ADA and can use it to stake and transact however you like.  To help our users get the most out of their ADA, Yoroi gives you access to all the different stakepools available in the Cardano community, not just our own. Yoroi was the first light wallet supporting Cardano ADA. Yoroi has been providing users with transparency, increased security, and decentralized collaborative innovation since 2018.  

Want to easily send, receive, store, and stake ADA? Then, download Yoroi Wallet now.

Yoroi offers both mobile and desktop browser versions for users to store, send, and receive their ADA cryptocurrency in addition to simple staking to secure Cardano’s network and receive rewards.

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