February 1, 2024

Yoroi Supports Custom Wallet Addresses with ADA Handle, CNS, and Unstoppable Domains Integration



Yoroi Wallet leads the way with most naming solution providers integrated

Update: Exciting news for our mobile users. Following the successful integration of custom wallet addresses for our desktop users a few weeks ago, we’re thrilled to announce that our mobile users can also experience easier personalized wallet addresses with v4.25.0. Read the initial announcement below. 

With the release of our web wallet v5.1.0, the Yoroi team is happy to announce support for custom wallet addresses on Cardano!  By popular demand, we’ve integrated with ADA Handle, CNS, and Unstoppable Domains so that our community can use easier personalized wallet addresses – like “ken.ada” or “$charles” – when sending ADA, NFTs, and Cardano native assets.  

With these three (3) naming integrations, we’re proud to say that Yoroi takes the lead among Cardano ecosystem wallets for the most naming solution providers integrated!  By integrating multiple naming solution providers into Yoroi, our users will benefit from the most convenient experience when interacting with the Cardano ecosystem. Users can leverage different naming services based on their specific requirements, allowing us to accommodate diverse user preferences within the Cardano community. 

Send assets in Yoroi using a custom wallet address now

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 1

Not only are personalized wallet names easier to transact with, but they also provide major benefits for on-chain digital identity. 

For this blog, we will provide an overview of all three naming providers and then go through step-by-step how to use a custom wallet address in Yoroi. 

If you’re already familiar with these naming providers, feel free to skip to the Get Started section below.

ADA Handle, CNS, and Unstoppable Domains: An overview

To help our users get the most out of transacting with custom wallet addresses in Yoroi, we support ADA Handle, CNS, and Unstoppable Domains – the most diverse selection of naming services available in a Cardano wallet. Let’s discuss what you need to know about each platform below. 

ADA Handle: ADA Handle provides consumers with custom wallet addresses for the Cardano Blockchain. These custom wallet addresses, known as a “Handle”, resolve to your Cardano wallet. Once purchased, you will own the Handle and the data associated with your Handle. This data is secured on the Cardano blockchain. You will own the Handle in the form of an NFT transmitted to you after your successful purchase of the Handle. Each ADA Handle is limited to 15 characters and supports alphanumeric characters plus dashes, underscores, and periods.

CNS: Cardano Name Service (CNS) is a platform for social networking on the Cardano network, empowering users to create and manage secure social profiles on Cardano with .ada domains minted as NFTs acting as gateways to their social identity. The CNS minting process is fully decentralized, storing all records on-chain to prevent TokenName duplication and ensure unique, Plutus-verified NFTs. A new data architecture allows over 4000 minting records per UTxO, potentially enabling over a million mintings in Version 1. These innovative techniques will be open-sourced to advance Cardano’s development.

Unstoppable Domains: Unstoppable Domains are NFTs, and they are decentralized. What sets Unstoppable Domains apart from traditional domain names (like .com) is that they are stored by their owners in their wallets like cryptocurrency, and no third party can change or remove them. Unstoppable Domains can be used for various purposes, including crypto payments, decentralized websites, and as a digital identity across different blockchain applications. 

By integrating into Yoroi Wallet, our users can use the service of their preference for easy, secure, and customized transactions on Cardano.

Get started

Here’s a step-by-step on how to use a custom wallet address in Yoroi.  

          1. From “Wallet” in the menu bar: Select the “Send” tab, and enter a custom Cardano                  wallet address. For this example, we’re using a CNS address.

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 2

You’ll notice that the address will be verified as an existing custom wallet address with a green check mark and the domain resolver identified – a handy feature to double-check if a mistake was made.  

As seen below, if an address cannot be identified an error message will appear. 

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 3

2. You’ll also have the option to write a memo.

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 4

3. Press “Next.”

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 5

4. Select the assets you wish to send, which can include any Cardano tokens or NFTs, and press “Next” when done.

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 6

5. Double-check the details to ensure that you are sending the correct amount to the correct address. If the details are correct, enter your spending password and press “Confirm.”

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 7

That’s it! Your transaction has been successfully submitted. We’re thrilled to have integrated with ADA Handle, CNS, and Unstoppable Domains so that our community can use easier personalized wallet addresses.

Yoroi Custom Wallet Address 8
Download Yoroi Wallet to use custom wallet addresses now

Developed by EMURGO Fintech, a division within EMURGO – a founding entity of Cardano blockchain –  Yoroi is an open-source crypto wallet for the Cardano ecosystem. Yoroi is also self-custodial, meaning the user has complete control over their Cardano ADA and can use it to stake and transact however you like. To help our users get the most out of their ADA, Yoroi gives you access to all the different stake pools available in the Cardano community, not just our own. Yoroi was the first light wallet supporting Cardano ADA. Yoroi has been providing users with transparency, increased security, and decentralized collaborative innovation since 2018.  

Send, receive, store, swap, or stake ADA your ADA securely. Download Yoroi Wallet now.

Yoroi offers both mobile and desktop browser versions.

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