February 28, 2023

Why EMURGO is a Great Fit: Our Unique Work Travel Program

Albert Kim


In this blog series “Why EMURGO Is a Great Fit”, we look at specific reasons that make working in blockchain and Web3 an attractive choice for job seekers and career professionals, and how to apply to work at EMURGO.

This week, we discuss EMURGO’s Visit-2-Learn program for employees and how it enables employees to travel to a new country, live there for a few weeks, and enjoy cross-cultural team bonding opportunities with colleagues.

EMURGO’s “Visit-2-Learn” program: A cross-cultural bonding experience

Visit-2-Learn is a work-travel program for EMURGO employees.

EMURGO employees are afforded a great opportunity to apply and be selected for our internal “Visit-2-Learn” program.

This program is one of EMURGO’s many employee perks and benefits designed to enhance the overall experience of working at EMURGO by increasing employee satisfaction and promoting self-development opportunities, among others.

In this program, a group of EMURGO employees is chosen to live, work, and experience a new country for an extended time, including EMURGO’s Singapore HQ.

EMURGO team gathering in Spain

During this period, these employees will have the chance to collaborate closely with other co-workers based in that country, meet with senior management to share innovative ideas, and experience cross-cultural opportunities living in a different country.

Perspectives from EMURGO employees

(L:R) Designer Dhara Aulia Chanin; Fintech Community Manager Omar Rozak; EMURGO Media Managing Director Sebastian Zilliacus; Lead Backend Engineer Pedro Martins T Costa; Social Media Manager Jorge Pérez; Chief of Staff Shunsuke Murasaki at the EMURGO Singapore office

“I enjoyed EMURGO’s Visit-2-Learn program in Singapore last year; especially because not only did I get to meet team members from our Singapore office, but I also got to meet my co-workers Jorge from Puerto Rico and Pedro from Brazil taking part in the program. Working remotely is fantastic, but we will only be as close as the number of meetings that we have together whereas being in the same place with the EMURGO team allowed us to get to know each other more during coffee time, having dinner & drinks after work, and even taking a trip on the weekends. It brought us closer together.”

Omar Rozak, EMURGO Fintech Community Manager

“EMURGO’s Visit-2-Learn is an amazing program from which I believe most companies could benefit. It enhances collaboration with co-workers and this improves our overall performance even after we go back to our usual remote working environment. As an engineer that works mostly with our tech teams, this also gave me a chance to present some of our projects to other people in the company and demystify what software engineering is all about.”

Pedro Martins T Costa EMURGO Lead Backend Engineer

“Working remotely definitely provides lots of advantages for employees, but after years of online meetings, it was also really great to finally work together with other teammates face-to-face! The Singapore HQ office was so lively, and we discussed a lot of things with each other which improved our team synergy. This program brought us closer together and we have good relationships that we built there in Singapore to this day.”

Dhara Aulia Chanin EMURGO Designer and Social Media Officer


EMURGO at TOKEN2049 Singapore 2022

EMURGO is a global blockchain technology solutions company with Cardano blockchain origins. Based in Singapore with different business units around the world, EMURGO has more than 100 employees internationally.

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO builds Web3 products & services leveraging Cardano to solve industries’ most complex challenges. Cardano is an open-source and research-driven blockchain that is designed to be a platform to host decentralized applications for financial, digital identity, digital property, and other economic services to all.

Being a Web3 blockchain company, EMURGO is committed to a decentralized work environment and offers many fantastic perks & benefits to its employees such as:

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