February 7, 2023

Why EMURGO is a Great Fit - A Web3 Company with a Remote Work Culture

Albert Kim



Based in Singapore with more than 100 employees all over the world, EMURGO is a global blockchain technology solutions company with Cardano origins.

As a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain and its commercial arm, EMURGO leverages Cardano’s environmentally-friendly and decentralized blockchain technology to develop and offer unique Web3 solutions to solve industries’ most complex challenges. Cardano is the first provably-secure blockchain and is designed to be a platform to host decentralized applications for financial, digital identity, digital property, and other accessible economic services for all.

As a global technology company, EMURGO is a strong believer in decentralized workspaces as well and offers many fantastic perks & benefits to recruit the best talent.

In this blog series “Why EMURGO is a Great Fit”, we will discuss some of the many awesome employee work benefits, remote working, and how you can apply for open positions at EMURGO.

Top 5 benefits of a Web3 company with a remote work culture

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#1 – Greater flexibility

Remote workers can work from anywhere and often have more control over their schedule, which can lead to a better work-life balance. 

This flexibility leads to greater work and personal satisfaction by allowing remote workers to achieve their work objectives on their own schedule and improve their mental and physical health by enabling personal autonomy over one’s own time.

#2 – A more comprehensive range of career opportunities

By working remotely, EMURGO employees can expand their skill set and connect with different EMURGO business units situated across the globe. This can lead to increased opportunities to develop your career with different business units outside one’s geographical area. It also increases personal satisfaction and fulfillment by working in the innovative Web3 space where there is always so much to learn.

#3 – Increased productivity

Remote workers can benefit from increased personal productivity due to fewer distractions and increased autonomy over their time. This can create a more comfortable and personalized work environment that suits their professional strengths and optimizes productivity.

This allows you to better focus on your tasks in your type of workspace, whether it be at home, in a co-working space, or on a sunny beach.

#4 – Save time and reduce personal costs

No more need to spend time driving or cramming onto public transportation during rush hour commute times. 

No more need to spend lots of money on gas, highway tolls, and public transportation fees.

Saving time by working remotely reduces the physical and mental stress and financial costs of daily commuting.

#5 – A more diverse team and company

With more than 100 employees all over the world and different business units based on most major continents, EMURGO is a truly global technology company.

Remote work has enabled EMURGO to be a fast mover in an industry where trends, narratives, and user preferences can change overnight by having employees in almost every time zone.

With a global team in place, employees can benefit from connecting with fellow team members from different cultures and life experiences. 

How can I apply to work at EMURGO?

Interested in working at EMURGO?

Then, head on over to EMURGO’s official Breezy page here to browse the list of currently available positions now.

You can also follow our official channels below for up-to-date information and announcements from EMURGO.


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