January 26, 2024

Unleashing Impactful Blockchain Use Cases with SIDAN LAB



AMA with Sidan Lab, Gimbalabs, Cardano Spot, and Mesh JS

Join an exclusive AMA session with Sidan Lab, a powerhouse with a mission to unleash impactful use cases on the Cardano blockchain. Dive into discussions around their latest proposals, including the High-Frequency Trading Gateway and Developer Series, showcasing their dedication to advancing the Cardano ecosystem.

Date: Tuesday, 30th January 

Time: 12:00 UTC 

Link to join: https://cardanospot.io/sidan-lab-livestream

🎙️ Host: Anuj Chaudhary (Content Head, Cardano Spot)

🎙️ Speakers:

  • Hinson Wong: Co-founder at SIDAN Lab
  • James Dunseith: Founder at Gimbalabs
  • Jingles: Founder at MeshJS
  • Sebastian Zilliacus: Co-founder of Cardano Spot

Join us for an engaging session as we explore:

  • Impactful use cases and the necessary infrastructure to build them
  • Why it matters to the world, community, and the ecosystem
  • How to build a community around this mission

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to delve into the forefront of blockchain innovation!

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