June 27, 2022

These Cardano NFTs are Now Available for Purchase on Fibo - Part 2

Albert Kim


Start buying Cardano NFTs on Fibo

Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo is now officially open for the Cardano community with mint, buy, and sell functions available.

Developed by EMURGO, a founding entity of Cardano, Fibo is a Cardano NFT marketplace empowering artists and collectors for a positive social impact.

Fibo is built to directly support artists who are new to NFTs and blockchain technology, in order to increase their brand exposure to the growing crypto community and to tell the human stories behind their artwork. Fibo also supports collectors who wish to own Cardano NFTs.

Compared to other NFT marketplaces, Fibo is the best place for artists to quickly expose their brands to new audiences and for collectors to get into Cardano NFTs due to:

  • Cardano’s massive global community of over 3 million
  • One-stop shop that automatically integrates with Yoroi Wallet for transacting and storing your NFTs
  • Fast and offers reasonable transaction fees paid in Cardano ADA
  • Straightforward UX geared towards non-technical users to easily mint NFTs; no coding required

This updated blog series re-introduces Fibo’s genesis artists and their thematic Cardano NFTs that can now be purchased on Fibo.

Japanese calligraphy, anime art, neon photography, and more

Kimika Baba – Preserving the beauty of ancient Japanese calligraphy

Kimika Baba is a Japan-based calligraphy artist working to preserve and promote the beauty of Japanese calligraphy.

Kimika Baba’s Fibo NFT drop collection includes traditional and contemporary calligraphy work as well as vibrant, calligraphy renderings of requested names.

I want to create artistic works that can make people smile. Of course, I like traditional expressions of calligraphy. However, I would also like to be able to create new things and challenge myself artistically

Kimika Baba

New Mindflow – Original authors of “Trybbles” and “Icons” NFTs

Actively involved with the Cardano NFT and broader crypto community, New Mindflow is a team of filmmakers, photographers, entrepreneurs & multidisciplinary artists, that usually refers to themselves as “one artist in two bodies.”

As the well-known authors of “Trybbles”, an individually handcrafted trading card NFT collection featuring the cutest and most adorable space robots and of “Icons”, the first Cardano collection with an NFT transacted through a smart contract. The open-source smart contract was fully embedded on-chain and also paid a royalty to New Mindflow once successfully executed.

New Mindflow’s aptly named Fibo NFT drop “The GM Collection” is about a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling, and a projection towards your fellow travelers upon the beginning or morning of this wonderful journey.

In February of last year, when we found out NFTs were about to become a reality on Cardano, we were immediately drawn to the space as at that point we were already aware of Cardano and felt in sync with its broader vision and foundations. We’ve been active in the CNFT community ever since, as well as the larger Cardano/Catalyst communities.

New Mindflow

CryptoBasho – Democratizing the world of anime

CryptoBasho is an international producer and co-creator of CryptoBashō, a project associated with the CryptoAnime initiative where passionate stakeholders in the crypto, gaming, and anime/manga industries leverage the innovations of blockchain technologies to pioneer new revenue models and financing opportunities. 

CryptoBasho envisions building an ecosystem where innovative digital assets are designed and created to sponsor the next generation of anime/manga-inspired artists and works.

CryptoBasho’s NFT drop on Fibo “CryptoBashō” is a generative manga-style of Profile-Picture (PFP) NFTs inspired by Matsuo Bashō, a real historical figure born in Ueno, Japan in 1644 to a family of samurai descent. CryptoBashō is a representation of Bashō in our modern day, traveling throughout the African continent on a mission to find, inspire and support local artists dreaming of creating and telling meaningful stories as manga and/or anime series.

My goal is to bring change into the current manga/anime industries in how artists/creators are compensated, incentivized, and rewarded for their skills, hard work and creations.


PolyAnnie – Addressing censorship and empowering others

PolyAnnie is a US-based artist dedicated to the arts, to creating and exploring life. Over the last 17 years, PolyAnnie has explored music, performance art, abstract painting, vinyl mosaics, spiritual arts, erotic art and most recently, NFTs. PolyAnnie’s art is colorful, dynamic, and has layers of depth with a story to each piece.

PolyAnnie’s NFT drop on Fibo “Inner Space” is a mixed media digital collage of images using modeling photos, abstract paintings, and celestial objects. It explores astrology and how it ties into paintings and current life themes.  

NFTs lifted me out of poverty and showed me proof of this freedom I’ve been seeking. 

I currently use my art and my influence to address issues of censorship, income inequality and individual data ownership. Along with creating art and educating others, I’m also a modern day philanthropist. 70% of my NFT earnings go back to supporting small creators. I believe I’m a channel for abundance to flow through and want to uplift the community by giving back to it.


Explore NFTs for Purchase on Fibo Now

You can now go to Fibo and start buying Cardano NFTs to show your support to your favorite artists who are striving for a positive social impact.

All you need is a Yoroi Wallet with some Cardano ADA to purchase NFTs.

Also, join our Discord community to engage with fellow community members.  

To stay up to date with the latest news from Fibo, follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/fiboNFT

Please remember to only follow the official accounts above for all official news.

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