June 29, 2023

Recap: Key Takeaways from the Tokyo CIP-1694 Workshop

Albert Kim


EMURGO successfully hosted and concluded the much anticipated CIP-1694 workshop in Tokyo on June 16, 2023, with support from Input Output Global and key Cardano community stakeholders in the APAC region.

The objective of the workshop was to meet in person to discuss insights into the future of Cardano on-chain governance and put the Cardano ecosystem into the hands of its diverse community.

In this blog, we’ll recap some of the key messages from the workshop along with some images and a video from the workshop event for those that were unable to attend.

Key takeaways from the Tokyo CIP-1694 workshop

The Cardano blockchain has developed through a planned roadmap and has now focused on making Cardano sustainable through a fair on-chain governance framework that includes the voices of its community including individuals, academics, developers, organizations, and stake pool operators (SPOs). Each stakeholder group is instrumental in developing and keeping the Cardano ecosystem secure, transparent, and decentralized.

The CIP-1694 workshop allowed community members to come together and share insights to create proposal policies, voting rules & procedures, governance bodies, and more for sustainable self-governance in Cardano.

Here are some key takeaways from the Tokyo workshop:

  • Community tooling has been one of the most interesting and engaging governance topics throughout the global CIP-1694 workshops including the Tokyo workshop 
  • Community tooling ensures a simple and accessible voting mechanism from a UX perspective and standards for the integration of different wallets so that users can participate
  • The minimum ADA balance required to submit governance actions is a topic of interest that requires further discussion. The minimum amount should be balanced to enable anyone to be included but high enough to prevent network spamming.
  • Dashboards to track voting analytics, proposals, voting results, and other relevant data is an area of community interest
  • Other tooling ideas include multi-language support and integration of accurate and reliable language translation tools to maximize communication and distribution
  • Translation and integration of educational and informative governance content with wallets and other platforms for users to easily stay up-to-date on governance issues

APAC Cardano community discussing CIP-1694 at the Tokyo workshop hosted by EMURGO


Fostering collaboration and discussion


Technical overview from IO Engineering


EMURGO Chief of Staff Shunsuke Murasaki explaining to the JP Cardano community

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CIP-1694 ratification and beyond

Cardano will become a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem run by its community upon CIP-1694 ratification. Cardano’s governing bodies of the Constitutional Committee, Dreps, SPOs, and individuals will be able to create proposals, have them be presented for a vote, and if successful be implemented.

There remain a lot of details and technicalities to be worked on, including a type of Constitution for the ecosystem outlining rules and policies for the community.

These workshops and virtual ones hosted by Cardano community members in local regions aim to provide a platform for discussion, education, and collaboration.

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