August 29, 2023

Q&A with Foreon Network (Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 Hackathon)

Albert Kim


The Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 Hackathon announced the winners after reviewing more than 100 project submissions. There were three winners in each of the three developer tracks: derivatives (DeFi), aggregators (NFTs), and zero-knowledge proofs (ZK).

Organized by EMURGO, EMURGO Ventures, and DoraHacks, Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 was the largest ever Cardano blockchain hackathon with participating judges from IOG, Cardano Foundation, Wave Financial, and other prominent blockchain industry organizations.

In this blog series, we interview the winning participants to better understand their blockchain projects and how they will use their prizes to add value to the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.


How did your team come up with the idea for your award-winning build submission in the derivatives track? Why did you choose to build it?

Foreon: Foreon Network was inspired by the power of collective predictions and the potential of decentralized systems. We saw gaps in traditional prediction markets and felt Cardano’s eco-friendly blockchain was the solution.

Our goal is to offer a transparent, global platform for making predictions, fostering learning, and leveraging collective wisdom. Cardano’s principles resonated with our vision, driving us to build Foreon Network for a fair and accessible prediction market.

What was the process for building your project throughout the two-month Cardano hackathon?

Foreon: Over the two-month Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 hackathon, we began by mapping out our vision for Foreon Network. We then designed a prototype, built on Cardano’s smart contract capabilities, tested it rigorously, gathered feedback, and made necessary refinements. 

All while fostering close collaboration with the Cardano community to ensure our solution was aligned with the ecosystem’s needs. It was an intensive yet rewarding journey.

Upon completing the hackathon, what are your thoughts on the Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 hackathon? What were the biggest advantages and what were some of the biggest challenges?

Foreon: The Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 hackathon was a phenomenal experience. Its structured approach and rich resources greatly facilitated our project’s development.

The most significant advantage was the collaborative environment, which fostered innovation and learning. However, the condensed timeline posed challenges, pushing us to prioritize and adapt rapidly.

Overall, it was a valuable learning curve that brought the best out of our team.

How does your project add value to the Cardano ecosystem?

Foreon: Our project, Foreon Network, introduces a decentralized prediction market to Cardano, enabling users to forecast events and stake on outcomes. 

This fosters community engagement and showcases the versatility of Cardano’s smart contract capabilities, enriching its ecosystem.

How does your team plan to use the grants and funding received to support the Cardano ecosystem? What are the next steps for your project?

Foreon: Our team is dedicated to using the grants to further develop the Foreon Network.

The funds will be allocated toward R&D, community engagement, marketing, awareness, and platform optimization.

Our next steps include refining our user interface, expanding our prediction categories, and actively engaging with the Cardano community for feedback and collaboration.

How can people learn more about your project and your team?

Foreon: People can learn more about Foreon Network by visiting our official website and resources/documentation page.

Additionally, following us on Twitter and joining our Telegram and Discord channels will offer real-time updates and opportunities to engage with our team and community.

We regularly host AMAs and webinars to educate and involve our supporters in our journey. Thanks!

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