January 17, 2019

EMURGO’s CEO Ken Kodama, CTO Nicolás Arqueros, CIO Manmeet Singh, and IOHK’s CEO Charles Hoskinson have been invited to speak at Japan Blockchain Conference 2019!

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Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO Co., Ltd. will be joined by CTO Nicolás Arqueros and CIO Manmeet Singh, along with IOHK’s CEO (and former Co-Founder & CEO of Ethereum) Charles Hoskinson to speak at “Japan Blockchain Conference Yokohama Round 2019”, one of the largest blockchain conferences in Asia, attracting over 20,000 people this year around. The conference will be held at the Pacifico Yokohama convention center on January 30th and 31st, 2019.

Ken Kodama and Nicolás Arqueros will give a joint keynote, Charles Hoskinson will also give an individual presentation, and CIO Manmeet Singh will join a panel discussion on the topic of STOs along and their future growth.

Japan Blockchain Conference
The conference will host top companies(NTT Com, LINE, Rakuten, DMM etc) and organizations from Japan and abroad which represent the future of the rapidly growing blockchain space. It will be a place for these leaders to share information and show what they have achieved to enlighten others in the industry, advancing and expanding the applications of blockchain. Learn more about the conference at the following address https://japan-blockchain-c.com/en/

We will be providing more information about the presentations once updates go live on the official JBC website, so please follow our social accounts via the following links!

Telegram: https://t.me/emurgo

Event Outline
Name: Japan Blockchain Conference(JBC) – YOKOHAMA Round 2019 –
Organizer: The Global Blockchain Association
Date: January 30 (Wed) – 31 (Thu), 2019, 9:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama, Hall B
Exhibition zone: 150 market entrants from Japan and abroad
Lectures/seminars: Prominent guests from the blockchain industry

About Cardano
Cardano is a third-generation decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, which is fully open source. Cardano is developing a third-generation smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy and a research-first driven approach. The development team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers. EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano, while IOHK is focused on the technical development of the Cardano platform.

EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders by building, investing in, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. EMURGO leverages its expertise in blockchain R&D as well as its global network of related blockchain and industry partners to support ventures globally.
EMURGO is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, registered in Tokyo, Japan since June 2017 and in Singapore since May 2018. EMURGO is uniquely affiliated and works closely with IOHK to grow Cardano’s ecosystem globally and promote the adoption of the Cardano blockchain. Learn more about the project at https://emurgo.io

For further information:
EMURGO Co., Ltd.
Shunsuke Mitsumoto
Email: pr@emurgo.io
Website: https://emurgo.io/
Tel: +81-3-6712-7275

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