February 24, 2023

NODO: Pan-African Web3 Discovery and News Service Powered by EMURGO Africa, Launching in Q1 2023

Albert Kim


DUBAI FEBRUARY 24 2023 / EMURGO Africa – EMURGO Africa, an Africa and Middle East-focused venture arm of EMURGO – a founding entity behind the Cardano blockchain – today announced the planned launch of the first Pan-African Web3 Discovery & News Service, NODO, in the first quarter of 2023. 

NODO will feature two major product lines: 

  • NODO Discover will serve as the sole comprehensive information portal in Africa for consumers to discover, learn, and support pan-African Web3 products & services. 
  • NODO News will provide reliable and accurate news from a world-class editorial team aimed at empowering African consumers with knowledge and literacy about Web3 products & services. 

NODO is the pan-African WEB3 discovery and news platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. 

The NODO service will also highlight and update EMURGO Africa’s activities to accelerate its core mission to connect Africa’s more than 1 billion people to accessible financial services through Web3 products & services.  

Web3 projects in Africa have been developing at a rapid pace to tackle its social and financial issues. Africa has one of the fastest-growing rates of crypto adoption, but the continent also lacks reliable & visible sources of information to gauge its rapidly changing market micro-trends in Web3. NODO aims to solve this problem and meet increasing consumer demand for up-to-date and trustworthy information about Africa’s Web3 space which will foster more awareness, development, and adoption of African Web3 projects.

NODO’s ecosystem will be a pan-African user demand and outreach service to connect Web3 product builders, users, and mass consumers towards the latest blockchain and Web3 innovation in Africa. Using a powerful user feedback and incentive engine, NODO Discover encourages consumers to discover Web3 products and acquire financial literacy. Eventually, as NODO grows in tandem with the exponential expansion of Africa’s Web3 space, NODO will also provide data commercialisation and trend analytics tools to empower product builders and businesses with enhanced visibility into African trends. 

“EMURGO Middle East & Africa is excited to support the development of NODO’s innovative approach to build an extensive Web3 media service. Although the number of Web3 projects and investments has been increasing worldwide, comprehensive tools to inform users about Africa’s Web3 space have been lacking. NODO will provide global VCs, incubators, and accelerators with trusted information to the Web3 innovation generated from the African continent,” said Shogo Ishida,  Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa.

The continent is the world’s third-largest digital asset market with 32 million users, while six African countries are ranked in the top 20 Global Crypto Index (Chainalysis, 2021). 

Get early access to NODO News & Discover: https://nodo.xyz/landing_page 

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About EMURGO Africa

EMURGO Africa invests and partners with Africa-focused enterprises, and startups, and accelerates the development of socially impactful solutions on Cardano’s third-generation and environmentally-sustainable blockchain. 

For more information, please visit https://emurgo.africa.

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