April 5, 2023

NODO Launches Pan-African Web3 Product Discovery Platform NODO Discover



NODO is excited to announce we have launched the next product on our roadmap: NODO Discover!

NODO Discover is a pan-African Web3 Discovery service for mass consumers to explore and interact with Web3 products and services being developed across Africa. Combined with our previously released NODO News, African consumers can access the latest Web3 news and explore the best African Web3 projects all in one place. NODO is a Web3 discovery & news platform founded by EMURGO Africa, the Africa-focused entity of Cardano blockchain’s official commercial arm and founding entity, EMURGO.

NODO Discover provides comprehensive, qualitative data on over 100 leading Web3 products and services across 55 countries in the African continent. Users of the platform can search for projects using robust filtering options by Topic, Country, Language, Currency, and Trending. Projects listed on NODO Discover are proven, credible projects currently leading the African market and partners of the extensive NODO and EMURGO Africa Web3 network.

Discover, engage, & learn about the best Web3 product offerings across Africa today: https://nodo.xyz/discover

NODO Discover also benefits African Web3 product makers. Listed products can gain visibility and engage with mass Web3 consumers, potential investors, as well as companies looking to join Web3 in Africa. Specifically, users of NODO Discover will be able to view comprehensive information about these products and will be incentivized to interact and support them through upcoming features such as NODO Quests, which will provide product makers with useful user feedback. This helps with one of the most common challenges for African Web3 startups: how to effectively reach out to end users and businesses.

How NODO Aims to Accelerate African Web3 Growth & Adoption

Africa’s cryptocurrency adoption jumped 1,200% from 2020 to 2021, and African blockchain companies attracted $304 million in funding during the first half of 2022, 3 times more than in the entirety of 2021. Blockchain-powered financial services are increasingly being recognized as the solution to solve the continent’s social and financial issues, and many innovative new projects are being built as a result. However, most consumers in Africa still do not know what blockchain and crypto are and have a hard time finding credible information as well as market data and news, further creating a barrier to entry for this industry.

To bridge the gap between the “elusive” Web3 industry and mass consumers, we have built a comprehensive service offering: NODO News which provides reliable Web3 news and educational materials, and NODO Discover which lets you explore and connect with credible African Web3 projects. In the near future, we will be upgrading NODO Discover to add more advanced interactive features such as User Quests to let users share their feedback on products to makers, Upvotes to indicate a user’s experience and trust for listed projects, and more. Please stay tuned for more official announcements and updates from us.

You can also visit NODO News here: https://nodo.xyz/news 

NODO aims to be the Web3 user demand and outreach service for Africa to connect Web3 product makers, users, and mass consumers towards the latest blockchain and Web3 innovation in Africa. We are continuing to expand our Web3 network which currently has 100+ credible Web3 projects, more than 1,000 esteemed companies interested in the Web3 space, as well as various industry VCs and accelerators such as Adanian Labs, Adaverse, Kepple Africa Ventures, and many more companies affiliated with EMURGO Africa.

“We are happy to announce the launch of the all-in-one pan-African Web3 product discovery service, NODO Discover. By providing comprehensive, qualitative project data along with in-depth localized product searching and filtering, we hope to help mass consumers discover and connect with credible African Web3 products and services that can serve their needs and unlock innovative financial opportunities. Now, African consumers can keep up with the continent’s latest Web3 news and developments with NODO News and explore great Web3 projects with NODO Discover. Learn, engage, and discover the best Web3 products in one place with our NODO platform,” said Shogo Ishida, Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa.

Soon, NODO also has plans to launch NODO Grants to support African Web3 business ideas and products. The grant program will utilize NODO Discover to help Web3 projects gain visibility to mass consumers, while users can check out and support the projects they are interested in. Please look forward to our official announcement on this program, coming very soon!

If you are interested in getting listed on NODO Discover, please contact us via email at nodo.news@emurgo.africa.

About NODO

NODO is the pan-African Web3 discovery and news platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent.

NODO will feature two major product lines: NODO Discovery as the pan-African portal to discover Web3 projects and NODO News for Web3 knowledge and literacy. The platform is designed to foster awareness, development, and adoption of African Web3 projects.

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