April 11, 2023

NODO GRANTS For African Web3 Business Ideas and Products is Now Open

Albert Kim


NODO is excited to announce the launch of NODO GRANTS for outstanding African Web3 business ideas and products. Through this program, we will support the development of African Web3 projects to foster innovation and promote mass adoption, opening up business and financial opportunities for both African startups and consumers. NODO is a pan-African Web3 Discovery and News service founded by EMURGO Africa, a venture arm focused on Africa and the Middle East and a regional entity of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO.

Evaluation of applicants will be made by the NODO GRANTS Expert Panel which consists of industry experts with decades of experience in investment, product development, and co-founding successful companies. NODO Experts include Shogo Ishida (Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa), Vincent Li (Founding Partner of Adaverse), Gideon Greaves (Managing Director Africa of CV VC), and John Kamara (CEO of Adanian Labs), with more to be announced in the future!

The launch of NODO GRANTS is a great new step for us to further promote the awareness and growth of Web3 in Africa, as well as to further expand the Web3 network of NODO.

Applications for NODO GRANTS are accepted here: nodo.xyz/grants 

NODO Product & Service Offering

NODO aims to inform and educate consumers about the latest Web3 products and services being developed in 55 countries within the African continent. Our ecosystem is a user demand and outreach service that connects Web3 product builders, users, and the general public to the latest blockchain and Web3 innovations across Africa.

Currently, we offer NODO News which provides reliable and accurate news for African consumers, and NODO Discover which lets Africans discover, learn about, and support Web3 products and services in the continent. NODO also has a VC & Accelerator program to connect Web3 projects to funding support and Web3-minded companies, and we also launched the first-ever expert directory for African Web3 projects and VCs, NODO Web3 Frontrunner 100.

Why We’re Launching NODO GRANTS

There is a rising trend of Web3 projects emerging in Africa, accompanied by a surge of interest among companies in the region toward Web3 technology. This is why the NODO platform was created to inform, educate, and connect innovations to mass consumers. NODO GRANTS will further support this mission by facilitating the development of such innovations, bringing great business ideas by African startups to life, and promoting these blockchain-powered financial products and services to mass consumers.

“We are excited to launch NODO GRANTS to foster the growth of African Web3 startups. The NODO platform is designed to inform, educate, and connect innovations to mass consumers who have a real growing demand for Web3. And now, the grants will further support this mission by facilitating the development of such innovations,” says Shogo Ishida, Executive Director of NODO and Co-CEO of EMURGO Middle East & Africa.


Each week, NODO will award 1,000 USD in grants to outstanding African Web3 business ideas. Applicants may also be eligible for grants from 10,000 USD or investments of 25,000 USD and above, which are reserved for products that can effectively introduce Web3 & blockchain adoption to Africa.

Below are the details:

1/ Applicant Eligibility

This program is available for:

    • Individuals with outstanding African Web3 business ideas

    • Web2 businesses with outstanding African Web3 business ideas

    • Promising African Web3 products in the MVP, seed, or pre-seed stage

2/ Application Requirement

To apply, you must:

    • Be an African company or individual who can provide verification documentation if required for the application process

    • Register an account with NODO

    • Follow NODO on Twitter and LinkedIn

    • Fill out the application form with all the required information for the next steps.

3/ General application process

    1. Applicants can submit both ideas (pre-launch) and products (MVP or launched).

    1. Eligible applications will undergo a verification process in order to be listed on NODO Discover, which is NODO’s pan-African Web3 product discovery service.

    1. Once verified and published, these ideas and products will be open for voting by NODO Discover users.

    1. The top 5 submissions with the highest number of upvotes will enter our pool for NODO Grants consideration.

4/ Benefits for applicants

    • NODO Master Classes: All qualifiers can learn about Marketing, Tokenomics, and Fundraising 101 for scaling Web3 startups

    • NODO Expert Product Reviews: All qualifiers will receive professional feedback on their ideas/products

    • Mentorship from NODO Experts: Grant winners will embark on mentorship or biweekly touch-base programs where they will speak directly with NODO Experts

    • Exclusive listing on NODO Discover

    • Exclusive media coverage on NODO News

    • Featured on NODO’s social media

    • Winners may join the NODO Expert Program

To see the full details of the grants and apply, visit: nodo.xyz/grants 

About NODO

NODO is the pan-African Web3 discovery and news platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent.

NODO will feature two major product lines: NODO Discovery as the pan-African portal to discover Web3 projects and NODO News for Web3 knowledge and literacy. The platform is designed to foster awareness, development, and adoption of African Web3 projects.

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