March 22, 2024

NMKR and Tiamonds: More Asset Tokenization


NMKR and Tiamonds_ More Asset Tokenization

In a previous case study blog, we looked at how NMKR’s platform enabled Tiamonds to tokenize physical diamonds in the form of Cardano NFTs. By using NFTs as a token representative of the diamonds, this process provided liquidity to the sale of the diamonds and verified the authenticity and transparency behind the quality of the diamonds. Each NFT can be sold or redeemed for an actual physical diamond by the NFT holder. This way, any potential buyer can buy a physical diamond as an NFT, have the diamond securely stored in a physical vault, and either re-sell the NFT or redeem it whenever they desire. 

Via the strategic partnership, Tiamonds conducted an initial sale of twenty tokenized physical diamonds on the Cardano blockchain through NMKR’s tokenization service platform at Cardano Summit 2023. This sale was an astounding success, and all twenty diamond NFTs were immediately sold out in a single day. NMKR and Tiamonds also had a second special giveaway of ten diamond NFTs to Cardano Summit attendants. 

Tokenized diamonds

Tokenization is a powerful new method to bring traditional real-world assets such as currencies, commodities, real estate, fine art, etc., and digital assets such as stocks, bonds, gaming assets, and more into the blockchain world. It has the potential to unlock billions to trillions of dollars in liquidity from traditional assets that are difficult to trade in existing markets and make it easy for anyone with an internet connection to participate in the buying and selling of all types of tokenized assets with reduced friction.

NMKR and Tiamonds_ More Asset Tokenization

One of these examples is diamonds, the precious gemstone that is mostly traded in opaque markets between mining companies and complex networks of exporters and jewelers. In this web of companies, tracing the origin of the stone can be a hassle that leads to a lot of trafficked diamonds making their way into legal markets, counterfeited diamonds, and opaque pricing, among other issues. 

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Tokenization in this market can be a very powerful solution to alleviate these issues and also a hip way to reach a younger generation of consumers familiar with NFTs, crypto wallets, and transacting with digital assets. 

NMKR as a NFT and Tokenization service provides Tiamonds with a simple way to leverage the provably secure and environmentally friendly Cardano blockchain for the tokenization of diamonds.

More diamond tokenization is on the way

With successful proof of tokenizing and selling diamond NFTs, NMKR and Tiamonds are preparing to launch a larger offering of diamonds using NFTs. Each diamond is purchased using secure channels and is verified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Tiamonds stores these physical diamonds in secured vaults under their control and they provide insurance on every diamond through Lloyd’s London agency.

Tiamonds provides the diamonds while NMKR takes care of the tokenization technology. The project will launch a new branded web page where interested buyers will be able to purchase the new batch of diamond NFTs. 

The next sale will consist of three hundred diamonds sold via the same amount of NFTs. Each token will also represent full ownership of the diamond, meaning that anyone that holds a Tiamond NFT can redeem it for the physical gemstone. 

The sale is scheduled to be at the end of Q1 2024. To securely purchase and store the NFTs, a buyer must download and set up a secure self-custodial Cardano wallet.

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