March 14, 2022

NFT Minting Now Available for Genesis Artists on Cardano NFT Marketplace Fibo



EMURGO – the official commercial arm of Cardano and one of its founding entities – today announced the deployment of NFT minting capabilities for an initial group of genesis artists on its Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo.

Fibo is an EMURGO-backed Cardano NFT marketplace empowering creators and collectors for a positive social impact.

Visit Fibo to learn more.

As part of our commitment to a safe and secure Fibo launch, EMURGO is utilizing a phased rollout approach. In the near future, we will complete a full public release of Fibo, including buying and selling NFTs that’s open to all. We will continue to support additional artists as we grow to start minting NFTs of their original works prior to the full public release.

Our Process

Announced a couple of months ago, Fibo has been putting out a call for artists to pre-register on We have received a tremendous amount of interest and we thank all of the artists who have submitted their impressive work.

See also EMURGO’s call for Cardano artists on IOHK’s Cardano360.

Due to the large number of talented pre-registered artists each with their own unique qualities, the selection process was involved and diverse, taking into account a myriad of factors including community engagement, social impact, location/region, and story, among others.

After a careful selection process, Fibo has selected an initial group of artists (“Genesis” artists) for our Fibo minting feature launch.

Introducing Fibo’s Initial Genesis Artists

The initial Genesis artists are as follows:

How do I subscribe & register to mint NFTs on Fibo?

Please go to Fibo’s site using the link here to subscribe for Fibo launch alerts and updates on minting NFTs and other features to be rolled out soon.

Also, join our Discord community to engage with fellow community members.  

To stay up to date with the latest news from Fibo, follow on Twitter at

Please remember to only follow the official accounts above for all official news.

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