September 12, 2023

Meet These Speakers at the Cardano Booth at TOKEN2049

Albert Kim


EMURGO is set to host various Cardano builder guest speakers at the upcoming TOKEN2049 Singapore conference. TOKEN2049 is Asia’s largest blockchain and crypto event and brings together the biggest companies and thought leaders in the crypto space.

With Cardano entering the age of Voltaire and decentralized community governance, there is a lot of activity going on in the Cardano ecosystem including the launch of Intersect, CIP-1694 discussions, DeFi adoption, education courses, investments, and more. 

To present and discuss their latest developments in the Cardano ecosystem, the following Cardano builders will speak at the Cardano booth. The timetable is also provided below.

List of Cardano booth speakers
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Scheduled speaker: Nikhil Joshi, EMURGO COO

Topic: Blockchain Literacy: The Gateway to a Decentralized World

Hosts of the Cardano booth and based in Singapore, EMURGO is a global blockchain technology company that supports the growth and commercial adoption of the Cardano ecosystem by builders, organizations, and individuals. 

EMURGO COO Nikhil Joshi will be presenting the importance of blockchain literacy as a gateway to building a decentralized world and how Cardano builders can connect and collaborate with EMURGO to promote their projects to the community.


Scheduled speaker: Yosuke Yoshida/Shogo Ishida, EMURGO MEA Co-CEOs 

Topic: Driving Growth in Africa

Launched in 2021, EMURGO Africa is a local unit of EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA), itself a regional entity of EMURGO.

Led by co-CEOs Yosuke Yoshida and Shogo Ishida, EMURGO Africa’s vision is to connect Africa and the Middle East to Web3 and blockchain, with a primary focus on Cardano. According to a 2022 report by Chainalysis, the Middle East and Africa was the fastest-growing region for crypto adoption.

EMURGO Africa’s activities include investing in talented local blockchain startups, engaging with local enterprises and public sector officials, and building local communities through events and conferences to raise awareness of how blockchain can make a big economic impact.

Co-CEOs Yosuke Yoshida and Shogo Ishida will be there to speak more about these activities to drive Web3 in Africa and how people can connect and collaborate with EMURGO Africa.


Scheduled speaker: Jeremy Firster, Cardano Foundation Global Head of Enterprise Partnerships

Topic: Why Cardano

One of the founding entities of the Cardano blockchain and a close ecosystem partner of EMURGO, the Cardano Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Switzerland focused on advancing the public digital infrastructure of Cardano and anchoring it as a utility for financial and social systems, thus empowering the digital architects of the future.


Scheduled speaker: Sheldon Hunt, Input Output Global (IOG) Engagement Lead – Voltaire / Intersect

Topic: Introduction to the Cardano MBO, Intersect

Launched in July 2023, Intersect is a member-based organization that is the off-chain governance component of Cardano. With over 400 members, Intersect is tasked with ensuring Cardano’s sustainability and future development in line with decentralized governance. Bringing members together behind a shared vision, Intersect enables a more resilient, secure, transparent, and innovative Cardano ecosystem that puts members in the driving seat of Cardano’s future.

Come learn more about decentralized governance in Cardano, how you can participate, and more about Intersect at the Cardano booth.


Scheduled speaker: Sebastian Zilliacus

Topic: Cardano Spot: Empowering and Connecting Cardano

Cardano Spot is a social media platform for Cardano enthusiasts, filled with informative curated content about the Cardano ecosystem including projects and news. It aims to empower the Cardano community through connection and make it an online home for Cardano enthusiasts where they can stay up-to-date and grow through insights on the market and connection with the community. 


Scheduled speaker: Lenna Onto, Clay Nation CEO

Topic: Clay Nation’s Vision: The Intersection of Art, Tech, and Community

The amazing builders that brought you Clay Nation, the first hand-made generative NFTs on Cardano, Clay Mates are characters who are brought to life in stop-motion animation and re-homed on the blockchain as Cardano NFTs. They have also teamed up with well-known music industry figures Snoop Dogg, Champ Medici, and Good Charlotte to bring more awareness to the world of Cardano NFT collectibles.


Scheduled speaker: Sean Soh

Topic: Building Your Unique Social Graphs with CNS

CNS is a platform for social networking on the Cardano network, empowering users to create and manage secure social profiles on Cardano, with .ada domains acting as gateways to their digital identity, as done with other blockchain ecosystems.


Scheduled speaker: Adrián Briones

Topic: The role of the Minswap DEX in Cardano

Minswap is a community-focused decentralized exchange (DEX) on Cardano. It is one of the biggest DeFi protocols in the Cardano ecosystem and “the most popular Cardano dapp by transactions in Q2, clearing 1 million monthly transactions in May and June” according to Messari’s State of Cardano Q2 2023 report.


Scheduled speaker: Philip DiSarro, Anastasia Labs Founder

Topic: Evolving Together: A Journey Through Open-Source and Crypto Diversity

Anastasia Labs is dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient use of smart contracts, with a mission to empower businesses and individuals by providing expert guidance, comprehensive services, and bespoke solutions for smart contracts in cryptocurrencies. 

The team uses rigorous methods to examine and verify the integrity of smart contracts as well as help businesses leverage the power of blockchain and develop bespoke smart contracts tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Scheduled speaker: Florian Pittini, NEWM Co-founder and Co-CEO

Topic: The Power of Bringing Music On-chain

NEWM is a music streaming marketplace leveraging the Cardano blockchain that empowers artists, fans, and the community. Artists can own their creative content, take control of funds, and tap into their loyal fanbase by fractionalizing and distributing Mechanical IP Rights as NFTs. Fans can support the musicians they love, benefit from a multibillion-dollar industry, and share in their favorite artists’ success. NEWM connects creators and collectors through a decentralized market, enabling a community-owned and governed platform.


Scheduled speaker: Marvin Bertin, Maestro Co-founder and CEO

Topic: Maestro: The Complete Web3 Stack for Cardano

Maestro is an EMURGO-backed comprehensive Web3 platform purpose-built for blockchain developers to build innovative decentralized applications (dApps) on Cardano and businesses to integrate with Cardano. Its platform provides valuable Cardano infrastructure services for developers to fund, build, and scale their dApp projects in a one-stop shop.

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