September 14, 2023

Introducing The New NODO Website



Empower Users and Builders to Engage and Build The African Tech Product Ecosystem Together

We are excited to introduce the newly revamped NODO website! Experience an all-new way to Engage and Build the African tech product ecosystem through collaboration between tech lovers and tech builders, only on

NODO Feed: All-in-one Pan-African Tech Ecosystem Exploration

We’ve transformed the homepage experience into a seamless NODO Feed where you can quickly and easily get your daily updates on everything NODO, as well as the latest African Web3 and tech news. Here, you can view all the Featured Campaigns on NODO platform, which includes Product Community campaigns by NODO Makers and key NODO programs such as XP Leaderboard, GRANTS, and more. 

On the main dashboard, you will be able to view all contents published on NODO including news articles, educational explainers, and new to the NODO platform, quizzes and surveys. You can filter the content you would like to see by categories, topics, companies, tech personalities, and more through a comprehensive tagging system. You can upvote, comment, and participate in these contents seamlessly from the NODO Feed in just a click, and your activities on NODO will earn you NODO XP from which you can earn rewards. 

Learn more about NODO XP and the weekly XP Leaderboard program here.


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NODO Badge: Your Passport to The Pan-African NODO Ecosystem

Each user who registers to NODO will have an exclusive NODO Badge (aka NODO SBT Badge) associated with their account. This acts as a representation of an individual’s level of contribution within the NODO Product Community. The NODO Badge gives you access to the vibrant Product Community, XP system, and a host of community benefits. 

Specifically, you can gain entry to exclusive forums, discussion groups, and networking spaces where they can interact with like-minded individuals, share insights, and collaborate on various projects. You can also access various offline events organized by NODO including meetups, conferences, workshops, or other events where you can connect face-to-face with other members of the community. 

The NODO Badge symbolizes your ability to learn, engage and connect with others within the NODO Community. Upon verification by the NODO Team, users can also upgrade to the NODO Expert Badge & NODO Maker Badge, which unlocks additional benefits including but not limited to: creating Product pages, creating Posts, hosting Quizzes and Surveys, and more which you can read in detail in our official NODO Welcome Guide.

With the launch of the new NODO website, NODO has expanded our horizon beyond the Web3 space and towards the general African tech product ecosystem. Our vision is to democratize the products industry in Africa and creating a place where everyone can contribute to Africa’s growth. And our mission is to create the most extensive Pan-African Web3 & technology product community, fostering a space where the African tech ecosystem collaborates, communicates, and grows in products and technologies. 

We hope you will enjoy the brand-new NODO Pan-African Web3 and Tech Product Community Platform at!

About NODO

NODO is the pan-African product community platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 & technology products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. 

NODO was founded by EMURGO Africa, a venture arm focused on Africa and the Middle East and a regional entity of Cardano Blockchain founding entity EMURGO. Emurgo Africa is a $100M fund invested in 40 companies as of Q2 2023.

Official website: 

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