November 9, 2023

How to Get Started with Intersect (Cardano)


What is Intersect?

Intersect is the off-chain forum, organizer, and main hub for discussion around the distributed community governance model of the Cardano blockchain which has now transitioned to focus on distributed community governance. Its objective is to gather membership support for a sustainable, community-driven Cardano governance structure. 

As a member-based organization (MBO), Intersect has more than 630 members and is increasing quickly. It contains various governance layers and committees to support the planning, coordination, and execution of governance matters.

Thus far, Intersect has collected the Cardano community’s feedback from the CIP-1694 (the on-chain technical component of Cardano governance) workshops and is planning to create more activities to raise awareness and member participation in Cardano’s off-chain governance.   

The Intersect MBO is open to anyone in Cardano who wants to participate and help shape the future of the network. 

Where to start?

The first place to retrieve official information is the Intersect website. One can find regularly updated news regarding Cardano’s governance model. It’s also where those looking to join Intersect can go and fill out the subscription form.

Intersect is meant to grow a distributed and inclusive self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem by providing the accessible space necessary for structured discussion around governance for the Cardano network. 

Additionally, Intersect will be an important institution that supports the maintenance, development, testing, fundraising, and governance infrastructure for the Cardano network. 

All these will be accomplished via a series of working groups or committees that will meet and talk about the various needs of Cardano. The groups will be composed of members of all backgrounds from Cardano. This is why it’s crucial to participate in it, as it’s a great chance to contribute to the growth and future of the network directly. 


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Intersect town halls

Intersect runs monthly town halls where most of the latest information is presented. It’s also a place where people in the community can meet and start interacting with each other. The town halls are also a place where the future of Intersect is discussed.

As of the writing, the working groups are still in the process of organization. The membership is not fixed and the requirements to participate in each of the groups need to be set. Also, how many working groups should initially be released is an open question.

This makes participating in the Town Hall even more important. Right now it’s the place to enter the discussion and learn when the other functions of Intersect will come online. As Intersect is a very recent creation and it is still in the very early stages. 

Town halls are conducted remotely via Discord. The invite for the server of Intersect is sent in an email to those who join via the website. All those looking to participate must join Intersect before they get the link to enter the Discord server.

The Grants Program

Intersect is at its beginning stages, so it needs a lot of tools to onboard people to the community. To broaden that effort, the MBO has launched its first grants for those looking to enhance governance in the age of Voltaire for the Cardano ecosystem.

These grants are exclusive for those who join Intersect, but once inside, the application process is very open. The first batch of applications is already ongoing, but none of the selections have been made. 

The classification of governance tools is divided among categories. There are currently two open applications, with two more planned in the future, these are:

DRep Campaign Platform (currently open): In the future governance model of Cardano, ADA holders can choose delegate representatives (DReps) to cast votes on their behalf. These holders need a common space to discover and explore registered DReps. A place where a profile with the background of the person is displayed, the voting record, and other information that presents a case for that individual.

The current grant program is open to any tool that can create solutions at this level. It’s also aiming to create a DRep campaign platform, where these people can promote themselves and make their case to the Cardano community.  

Constitutional Committee Portal (currently open): this committee is one of the three groups responsible for ratifying governance actions under CIP-1694. The Constitutional Committee Portal will be a tool for the institution’s members to share their voting records and rationale for each vote cast. It’ll serve as a record for future votes and a way to track the impact of individual members. 

Education: a future category that aims to bring tools around the education of Cardano governance. There are no more details at the moment.

Localization: a future category to create tools that localize the Cardano governance information. Most of it is produced in English, which excludes many members of the Cardano ecosystem, this category will aim to create tools around this issue. 

Those are the ways to start interacting with Intersect today. As the MBO grows and becomes more complex, more opportunities will open for the Cardano community. It’s important to be aware and participate actively, as this is the best chance to shape the future of Cardano.

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