November 8, 2022

How EMURGO is Expanding Cardano Community Outreach for Yoroi Wallet Users

Albert Kim


EMURGO has been alongside every step of Cardano’s journey since its inception. Having celebrated Cardano’s 5th-anniversary last month, we have learned a great deal about ways to engage with the community about product updates, user feedback, and more.

In this blog, we wanted to share with you how we have been improving our community engagement with our Yoroi Wallet users.

Appointing a new Fintech community lead to be a point of contact

It is important to monitor our social media threads, posts, and comments, and interact accordingly. 

To do so, EMURGO recently named Tyler Wales as its new Fintech Community Lead for its Cardano Web3 products & services including Yoroi Wallet.

As EMURGO Fintech Community Lead, Tyler addresses user concerns, provides general support to the Yoroi Wallet community, and enhances the visibility of development work being undertaken on EMURGO Fintech’s products and services, as part of the goal of driving EMURGO Fintech’s community engagement efforts. Those with questions, ideas, and other feedback about Yoroi can directly reach out to Tyler.

Hosting Yoroi Twitter Spaces

The blockchain industry is global and decentralized which means online communication channels in real-time are very important. 

Among crypto users, Twitter Spaces have gained a lot of prominences and are often a place where the Cardano community gathers to discuss the state of the ecosystem in a live group voice chat-like environment.

In Yoroi Wallet’s first-ever Twitter Space hosted on the Yoroi Twitter account, the live discussion ranged from the latest UI/UX improvements to new features for its Google Chrome desktop version. 

Attending events to meet the community

The physical world is still of enormous importance and big blockchain conferences and Cardano meetups are a great way for EMURGO and Yoroi Wallet to directly meet users. 

This year, EMURGO and Yoroi have been at and will be at some of the largest crypto conferences. Below are three of the biggest.

Consensus 2022

EMURGO Fintech General Manager Vineeth Bhuvanagiri speaking about Yoroi at Consensus 2022

Consensus is perhaps the most important blockchain industry event each year. At the conference, major projects in the industry gather to network, announce news developments, and discuss current narratives shaping the conversation around crypto.

Held in June 2022 in Austin, Texas, Yoroi Wallet, along with the EMURGO team, had a major presence this year at the Cardano booth.

EMURGO Fintech General Manager Vineeth Bhuvanagiri spoke to the assembled Cardano community about Yoroi’s revamp, improved user experience, and future rollout plans.

TOKEN2049 Singapore 2022 Edition

Pictured, Pedro Costa (Left), EMURGO Full Stack Developer at TOKEN2049 Singapore

TOKEN2049 is Asia’s biggest annual blockchain and crypto event. Held in Singapore in September 2022, EMURGO hosted a Cardano booth alongside Cardano Foundation.

Team representatives took the opportunity to raise awareness and downloads of Yoroi Wallet, as well as of the greater Cardano ecosystem.

The conference and the special Cardano community pool party also marked the significant fifth anniversary of Cardano’s mainnet launch in September 2017.

Coming up soon

Cardano Summit

Cardano Summit is the annual celebration event of the Cardano ecosystem for the community.

This year, the Cardano Summit is being organized by the Cardano Foundation and will be held November 19-21, 2022 in Switzerland. Several satellite summits and meetups will also be organized across the globe in many other cities. 

Plus, there will be an online streamed version for those who wish to join remotely. 

EMURGO’s business units and Yoroi will be on hand to engage with the community and speak at the event. 

  • EMURGO Managing Director of Fintech Vineeth Bhuvanagiri will explain why the Cardano blockchain is best positioned to bridge RealFi and DeFi and bring financial services to the masses. (Click here for the schedule.)
  • EMURGO Managing Director of Media Sebastian Zillacus will talk about community-led growth and its implications for the future of Web3. (Click here for the schedule.)
  • EMURGO Middle East & Africa co-CEO Yosuke Yoshida will discuss VCs and Web3. (Click here for the schedule.) 
  • EMURGO Fintech Community Lead Tyler Wales will discuss Web3 and sustainable development goals alongside others on a panel. (Click here for the schedule.)

New community feedback form

EMURGO and Yoroi Wallet would like to hear back from the community.

Our newly appointed Fintech Community Lead Tyler Wales has put together a community feedback form for EMURGO and Yoroi to gather ideas and ways to improve the user experience.
Please find the form here.

Download Yoroi Wallet to become a part of the Cardano ecosystem

Yoroi is an open-source wallet for Cardano ADA holders, built to be your gateway to Cardano’s Web3 ecosystem of dApps including DeFi and NFTs.

As a self-custodial wallet, the user is in complete control over their Cardano ADA at all times. 

EMURGO nor any third party can recover your Yoroi Wallet for you. Only ones with access to the correct recovery phrase can recover the wallet. If the recovery phrase is lost, there’s no way to recover it.

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