February 5, 2021

How EMURGO Can Meet Your Blockchain Needs in 2021

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2021 has started off ripe with a lot of promise and realization for the intersection of blockchain technology and the business world. Blockchain technological development continues to reveal revolutionary outcomes for industry, and financial services in particular. As mainstream awareness and interest in blockchain continues to grow, EMURGO is here to meet the needs of businesses interested in integrating tailored blockchain solutions into their business verticals, career professionals interested in upskilling their careers with blockchain proficiency, and Cardano community members interested in services utilizing Cardano ADA.

By leveraging its expertise and experience as a global blockchain solutions provider and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, EMURGO is well positioned to help enterprises, students & professionals, and Cardano community members navigate the blockchain technological landscape to meet these needs.

EMURGO develops tailored blockchain solutions for enterprises of all sizes with the goal of solving real world business problems in a variety of industries, including our partners Indonesian coffee brand Blue Korintji Coffee, Ahava Cosmetics, Angel Bakeries, and other global enterprises.

EMURGO has also made a commitment to the delivery of professional blockchain education to a wide range of customers including university students and career professionals, with updated and customized online content. Through EMURGO’s education unit, individuals may learn to build on top of the most popular blockchain platforms. The additional skills acquired through the EMURGO’s blockchain education program are a great way for interested students around the world to upskill their career and gain proficiency in blockchain technology.

Additionally, EMURGO continues to be a technological and commercial steward for the Cardano ecosystem. EMURGO developed the official Cardano light wallet – Yoroi Wallet – in 2018 and has accrued a global base of Cardano ADA users through its free Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox extension applications. The Yoroi wallet is consistently maintained and updated by EMURGO and now supports ADA staking features as Cardano is the most staked network in the world.

EMURGO Traceability Solution to Maximize Business Efficiency

Tailored blockchain solutions for supply chain management

EMURGO Traceability Solution

EMURGO has developed and integrated a supply chain solution that leverages blockchain technology to provide overall enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency to all stakeholders in the value chain, with actual enterprises in the coffee, cosmetics, and food & beverage industries.

EMURGO Traceability Solution securely and efficiently stores valuable data including purchasing prices, manufacturing/production/shipping dates, and origin sourcing information in a tailored blockchain solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders in a given supply chain.

EMURGO Traceability Solution therefore allows companies to gain added value by embracing transparency and verifying supply chain best practices to help all stakeholders engage fairly with others in the supply chain and deliver maximal trust to end consumers as well. These best practices include quality assurance, premium ingredient sourcing, and certification labelling data, among other processes.

By digitally automating and increasing the trust factor among stakeholders around the world through a blockchain-based tech solution, it provides enterprises using EMURGO Traceability to reduce inefficient costly barriers in data management, generate increased trust among stakeholders, and increase brand trust among end consumers.

EMURGO Yoroi Wallet

The mobile and light solution for Cardano’s ADA and Ergo’s ERG with staking features

EMURGO Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi, developed and maintained by EMURGO, is the flagship lite wallet app for the Cardano ecosystem.

Yoroi functions as a lite multi-wallet app with support for Cardano’s ADA and Ergo’s ERG cryptocurrency tokens with more to be added in the future. Yoroi enables secure storage and transactions of the holder’s cryptocurrency through Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox extensions.

As a lite wallet, Yoroi wallet users enjoy near instant setup and quick and easy operation with minimum system resource requirements. An attribute that experienced holders of cryptocurrency are sure to appreciate is the instant access to your account balances without having to synchronize the entire blockchain before being able to view account information or transact.

Yoroi’s key features are that it:

– Supports locally stored wallets and encrypted private keys;

– Does not require blockchain synchronization enabling quick and easy operation;

– Supports wallet backup and restoration using mnemonic phrases;

– Has low system resource consumption with minimal usage of storage space and bandwidth; and

– Supports Cardano ADA staking with the most recent “Shelley” release of the Cardano network.

Yoroi will eventually evolve to enable developers to build web dApps, decentralized applications which run on a distributed computing system (often referred to as smart contracts), with seamless user interfaces, and serve as the go-to wallet for token types issued on Cardano. There are use cases for such applications including decentralized exchanges, token-based projects, stablecoins, and other key applications.

EMURGO Foundations of Blockchain eLearning Course

Blockchain education and proficiency enhancement for professionals

EMURGO Foundations of Blockchain eLearning Course

The adoption of blockchain technology has exploded in the last decade. The global COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed how we work, live, and play, throughout the industrialized world. Working from home, social distancing, travel restrictions, home quarantine have become the new normal and may continue to be for a not insignificant period of time.

This “new normal” has inspired many professionals to make the best of the time they are saving by working remotely to enhance their skills through the convenience of online elearning courses.

Introducing EMURGO’s Online Blockchain Certification Program

Blockchain has emerged as a significant disruptive technology impacting a broad array of industries. Consequently, the demand for blockchain experts is increasing exponentially as more companies steer investment towards the efficiencies provided through the adoption of blockchain technologies.

This confluence of these circumstances has made it the perfect time to acquire blockchain-related knowledge and skills through elearning, enabling career upskilling for those interested in blockchain’s expanding industry.

EMURGO Academy leverages a vast customized repository of knowledge and the rich blockchain implementation experiences of EMURGO in working with real enterprises and industry partners. EMURGO’s Foundations of Blockchain program is structured in such a way as to share practical insights that will best assist professionals in learning and understanding the latest intricacies of blockchain, with both theoretical and practical case studies.

EMURGO’s Foundations of Blockchain with elearning program stands apart from other industry certifications in that:

– EMURGO is the authorized commercial arm of Cardano

– It is validated by EMURGO’s Certified Digital Badge Certification

– Learners will be exposed to strong foundational concepts, design, and architecture of blockchain

– Program includes fully love online sessions by expert faculty

– There are live real-time use cases with analysis

– CXO sessions

– Reference material from reputed publishers

The Program modules also include:

– Evolution of Blockchain and its swift transformation

– Overview of Blockchain Design

– Applications and Business use cases across diverse verticals

– Prospects redefining business landscapes globally

Take Action with EMURGO in 2021

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The time is right to get the jump on 2021 with blockchain. EMURGO stands ready to help you and/or your organization leverage blockchain technology to your benefit. If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us about our blockchain solutions and services or to learn more about any of the topics covered above, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@emurgo.io. We look forward to hearing from you and as always, please follow us on Twitter (@emurgo_io) to receive the latest updates from EMURGO.

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