April 6, 2023

How Emeka is Helping to Expand Cardano in Africa

Albert Kim


We speak with EMURGO Africa Community Manager Emeka Ezike in this edition of the “My Journey to EMURGO” blog series. Emeka talks about his remote Cardano blockchain job to let us know what it is like to work at EMURGO Africa and how he got his start working in Web3.

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Q&A with EMURGO Africa Community Manager Emeka

Emeka Ezike

Hi Emeka. Please introduce yourself.

Emeka: Hi everyone. My name is Emeka Ezike. I’m currently the community manager for EMURGO Africa where we are building the bridges to connect Africa to the Web3 ecosystem, with the Cardano blockchain at the cornerstone.

What’s your work experience?

Emeka: I started my career in software by doing freelance web development gigs after studying Communication Engineering at Covenant University (Nigeria). Then I developed an interest in business and worked as a merchant at Jumia, the #1 online store in Nigeria, developing products before moving on. I still had the drive to seek the next best thing, which led me to blockchain and crypto. I became immersed in different crypto communities and I became a contributor. This led me to develop skills to engage with communities. I’m always looking to develop myself so I just finished my MBA degree, which has helped to give me more insights into global business operations and marketing.

How did you start your career in blockchain and what made you want to work at EMURGO Africa?

Emeka: I first came across the crypto community on Bitcoin Talk and started contributing in 2016. I kept doing that and discovered community building and marketing were in demand for the crypto market. I got hooked and became a marketer and community leader since then. To date, I’ve worked with over 30 crypto communities on developing and implementing community-building strategies.

How does working at EMURGO Africa differ from other companies?

Emeka: Working at EMURGO Africa has been a great opportunity to work with different thought leaders in the Cardano ecosystem, help to lead strategic initiatives, and contribute to the important work being done in the Cardano ecosystem. EMURGO Africa has given me the chance to network both online and offline at local meetups and blockchain events and learn from different leaders in the market. I have been able to contribute to the growth of other products linked to Cardano, and it’s been helpful to have these career experiences.

Blockchain Founders Hangout organized by EMURGO Africa

How has working in blockchain and Web3 benefited your career?

Emeka: Working in blockchain and Web3 has given me access to a global community and the chance to learn from a diverse set of people. It’s a beautiful space that shows the essence of a real global workplace community, united by a common set of values: decentralization, transparency, and technology. As mentioned above, I’ve been able to expand my business network through events and gain more specialized knowledge to help my career in the future.

What’s been your best work moment at EMURGO Africa so far?

Emeka: As community leaders, our best moments are always when we organize blockchain events and bring Web3 founders together to share insights and learn about what they are developing. We have done this for the past few months, and it was a great moment. The energy always in the room at that moment is epic.

What’s your favorite EMURGO Africa employee benefit and why?

Emeka: The benefits of a flexible work environment can’t be underestimated. It’s awesome to have a work-life balance.

Any advice for those who want to work at EMURGO Africa?

Emeka: Be open to contribute, be reachable, and be teachable.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself!

    1. I love to have conversations that are fun with the right energy.

    1. I’m a night person.

    1. I love to hang out and engage with the community.

EMURGO Africa is hiring for Cardano blockchain jobs!

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Then, search for available positions including both technical and non-technical roles, and apply now to EMURGO Africa.

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EMURGO Africa is a subsidiary of EMURGO Middle East & Africa, a regional entity of Cardano founding member EMURGO. EMURGO Africa invests in and accelerates Africa-based Web3 startups to build socially impactful solutions on the Cardano blockchain.

With offices in Dubai, Nairobi, and partner offices across Africa, EMURGO Africa offers several work perks and benefits for its employees including remote working opportunities and a chance to support the development of the Cardano ecosystem in Africa’s rapidly growing Web3 scene.


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