June 20, 2022

Genesis Artist NFTs Now Available for Purchase on Cardano NFT Marketplace Fibo - Part 1

Albert Kim


Buy and collect some of the first Cardano NFTs on Fibo

Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo is now officially open for the Cardano community with mint, buy, and sell functions available.

Developed by EMURGO, a founding entity of Cardano, Fibo is a Cardano NFT marketplace empowering artists and collectors for a positive social impact.

Fibo is built to directly support artists who are new to NFTs and blockchain technology, in order to increase their brand exposure to the growing crypto community and to tell the human stories behind their artwork. Fibo also supports collectors who wish to own Cardano NFTs.

Compared to other NFT marketplaces, Fibo is the best place for artists to quickly expose their brands to new audiences and for collectors to get into Cardano NFTs due to:

  • Cardano’s massive global community of over 3 million
  • One-stop shop that automatically integrates with Yoroi Wallet for transacting and storing your NFTs
  • Fast and offers reasonable transaction fees paid in Cardano ADA
  • Straightforward UX geared towards non-technical users to easily mint NFTs; no coding required

This updated blog series re-introduces Fibo’s genesis artists and their thematic Cardano NFTs that can now be purchased on Fibo.

A reggae & dancehall artist, traditional African art, and more

Wyre – Music producer, reggae & dancehall artist, IRAWMA Award winner

One of the first artists to launch on Fibo is Wyre – a Kenya-based music producer, and reggae & dancehall artist.

Wyre’s NFT drop “The Lion Collection” is available for purchase now on Fibo and is an expression of his musical journey and his 25 years ongoing in the music industry.

I always strive to be a trendsetter in my music career and that made me want to venture into the NFT space. It’s definitely an exciting, new way of speaking artistically while enabling your fans to own a piece of your art. Just like music, NFTs are a very unique way of expressing oneself, telling stories, and passing messages.


Osse Greca Sinare – Capturing the natural beauty of Africa

Osse Greca Sinare is a Tanzania-based travel and lifestyle photographer focused on capturing the natural beauty of the African landscape, life, and people.

He is passionate about showcasing the side of Africa that is rarely shown and being a storyteller for his own community.

His NFT drop on Fibo “Lasting Memories” is now available on Fibo and depicts the authentic genuine beauty of Africa.

You really can’t plan a special moment. They just catch you off guard. If you’re lucky, you might be able to save that moment forever. The vision behind my NFT collection is to show you a magical side of Africa, the Africa they don’t show: a journey of colors, landscapes, magical light and moments frozen in time forever.

Osse Greca Sinare

Ngaira Mandara – Humans and beasts of nature peacefully coexist

Based in Tanzania, Africa, Ngaira Mandara is a talented illustrator and painter, inspired by the human connection to nature and our journey to harmonize with the earth, the animals, and the spirits.

Mandara’s unique NFT drop on Fibo entitled “The Warrior and her beast” is now available for purchase.

The NFTs are about humans and beasts of nature coexisting and building kingdoms. Each kingdom is connected with one specific beast where they have learned to create unique technologies, powers, and connections within the ecosystem.

I intend to expand my collection with stories for each character. Expanding on the kingdoms they come from and how they coexist with each other. I think this will help the audience know that there is a continuation and a story being created based on the characters in this collection.

Ngaira Mandara

Slide Visuals – Art pieces inspired by African futurism

Slide Visuals is a Tanzania-based media production company striving to showcase the beauty of daily life in Africa and their community through art.

Their Fibo NFTs are  an inside look of everyday life in Africa utilizing beautiful imagery.

We would like to provide prints to anyone who purchases the NFT.

Slide Visuals

Prissyz_artz aka Laurine & Priscilla – Bringing light to dark art pieces

Prissyz_artz (Laurine & Priscilla) is a dedicated, young Tanzanian artist duo with a passion to represent all African young women and also contribute towards children in need.

Prissyz_artz’s Fibo NFT drop collection is named “Glow_In_Space” and will deal with introducing women and African culture into the digital space.

I love the privilege that NFTs bring to us artists in making our work valuable to the community.


ArtByAbu – African contemporary artist

ArtByAbu is a Tanzanian-American artist based in the US, with his areas of specialty in acrylic paintings, oils, and other creative works.

ArtByAbu’s Fibo NFTs depict African culture through colorful abstract paintings and fine arts work.

NFTs help me to expand my artistic horizons.


Explore NFTs for Purchase on Fibo Now 

You can now go to Fibo and start buying Cardano NFTs to show your support to your favorite artists who are striving for a positive social impact.

All you need is a Yoroi Wallet with some Cardano ADA to purchase NFTs.

Also, join our Discord community to engage with fellow community members.  

To stay up to date with the latest news from Fibo, follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/fiboNFT

Please remember to only follow the official accounts above for all official news.

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