March 12, 2024

FluidTokens, LenFi v2 Add Yoroi Wallet Desktop Connectivity



More connectivity for Yoroi Wallet users with new integrations 

The importance of connectivity for DeFi on Cardano cannot be overstated. This is why more connectivity for our Yoroi Wallet users is always exciting.  Yoroi Wallet – our community-driven open-source light wallet for the Cardano ecosystem – is now supported by the popular Cardano dApps, FluidTokens, a web3 lending platform, and LenFi, a decentralized liquidity protocol. Users can find support on Yoroi desktop devices (mobile soon to follow).  

DApps with Yoroi Wallet support provide our users with seamless connection for direct access to a broader range of DeFi activities.  Our users can transact, access features, or engage in activities within these dApps using their beloved Yoroi Wallet.  

Let’s explore the FluidTokens and LenFi v2 dApps below. 

If you haven’t already, download Yoroi Wallet now! 


Yoroi Wallet users have the convenience of connecting directly to FluidTokens’ web3 lending platform.  FluidTokens offers a seamless experience for lending, borrowing, renting, and liquidity provisioning for NFTs and Cardano Native Tokens. With features like Boosted Stake, FluidTokens optimizes and boosts ADA stakes. Its unique features are designed to address the varying needs of liquidity providers and borrowers.  

Lenfi Screenshot 3

When combined with Yoroi’s NFT Gallery, our users enjoy a beautifully convenient and structured approach to leveraging their digital assets. 

To get started, check out the FluidTokens app here.

LenFi v2

Cardano’s DeFi scene continues to heat up with LenFi, a decentralized liquidity protocol. On February 22, LenFi v2 launched, now with Yoroi desktop support. LenFi v2 marks a significant evolution from v1 because of several notable advancements. Unlike v1, which solely offered peer-to-peer lending and borrowing, v2 introduces pooled lending and borrowing, expanding opportunities for users to engage with DeFi lending on Cardano. 

Lenfi Screenshot Option B

With this new launch, are you exploring DeFi on Cardano? 

As you can see, prominent Cardano dApps continue to add Yoroi Wallet support. Yoroi desktop users can directly connect within Cardano dApps FluidTokens and LenFi v2. We’re excited to see the Cardano Community transacting with ease using Yoroi. 

Download Yoroi Wallet to connect to Cardano dApps

Developed by EMURGO Fintech, a division within EMURGO – a founding entity of Cardano blockchain –  Yoroi is an open-source crypto wallet for the Cardano ecosystem. Yoroi is also self-custodial, meaning the user has complete control over their Cardano ADA and can use it to stake and transact however you like.  To help our users get the most out of their ADA, Yoroi gives you access to all the different stake pools available in the Cardano community, not just our own. Yoroi was the first light wallet supporting Cardano ADA. Yoroi has been providing users with transparency, increased security, and decentralized collaborative innovation since 2018.

Send, receive, store, swap, or stake ADA your ADA in a secure way. Download Yoroi Wallet now.

Yoroi offers both mobile and desktop browser versions.

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About Yoroi Wallet

Yoroi Wallet is an open-source crypto wallet that empowers your Web3 journey.

About FluidTokens 

Lend and borrow using your NFTs on Cardano’s first NFT-DeFi bridge.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest big revolutions that the blockchain sector has offered to the public. Cardano has been one of the biggest cradles for NFTs and it’s also going to offer DeFi services to keep up with other major blockchains. In this bright scenario, we have created the first-ever generalized bridge between NFTs and DeFi: FluidTokens, a peer-to-peer DeFi lending platform where borrowers can use their NFTs as collateral.

About LenFi

A decentralized lending and borrowing protocol built on the Cardano blockchain leveraging NFT bonds.

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