May 16, 2022

Five Artists Using Cardano NFT Marketplace Fibo As a Tool for Change - Part 5



Cardano NFTs to empower creators and collectors

Fibo is an EMURGO-backed Cardano NFT marketplace that will soon allow for all creators and collectors to easily mint, buy, and sell NFTs by using Cardano’s native cryptocurrency ADA.

Fibo’s platform enables creators to mint Cardano NFTs, and then display and tell the stories behind their NFTs which can then be purchased by collectors.

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As a Cardano NFT marketplace, Fibo also leverages Cardano’s environmentally-sustainable blockchain, and will quickly connect with Yoroi Wallet’s desktop Google Chrome browser to process transactions.

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In this genesis artist introduction blog series, we have been introducing Fibo’s first artists and their minted Cardano NFTs that will eventually be available for purchase by anyone.

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In this Part 5 blog, we will introduce five more African artists that are contributing to the Cardano NFT space driven by a passion for social good, including Tanzania’s youngest developer!

“There is a superhero in each one of you.”

1) EthanMan (The Real Life Superhero) – created by Tanzania’s youngest app developer

Source: EthanMan (Ethan Yona)

Click here to see EthanMan’s NFT collection on Fibo!

EthanMan is a superhero character created by a Tanzanian boy, Ethan Yona, who was only 6 years old at the time and is Tanzania’s youngest app developer. He created EthanMan to launch a real life superhero character that children around the world could resonate with and love. The project was driven by his love for superhero characters whom he realized had super powers that he couldn’t emulate. He couldn’t fly like Superman, climb buildings like Batman, nor have the strength displayed by his favorite character The Hulk.

He themed EthanMan with real life superpowers like kindness, empathy, resilience, excellence and such qualities that each one of us can deploy under his slogan “There is a superhero in each one of you.”

EthanMan was launched in 2016 and it became a pan-African success as Ethan Yona went on to be featured by BBC News and many other global news outlets. Ethan became the youngest speaker in East Africa to give a TEDxTalk and he has inspired countless children and adults including successful Pan-African entrepreneur mogul Strive Masiyiwa who has written many features about Ethan on his platforms.

Watch Ethan’s inspiring TEDxTalk here!

Watch Ethan featured on BBC News Africa here!

Ethan’s NFT drops on Fibo will feature EthanMan as part of the “Real Life Super Hero Collection”. Portions of any sales will go to build the EthanMan portal and to also inspire other children about learning new things and taking advantage of new opportunities to empower themselves.

“This NFT collection is about unleashing the superpowers within. We all have them, they are real and we can activate them for the good of humanity.” – Ethan Yona

2) MPost (Africa Stamp Collection) – Delivering real addresses to the unaddressed

Source: MPost

Click here to see the Africa Stamp NFT Collection on Fibo!

Launched in Kenya in 2016 by Taz Technologies, MPost is a Kenya-based digital addressing technology and service that provides limitless, formal postal addresses to those that lack basic mailing addresses. Their virtual PO boxes provide real-time notifications for its customers and tracking of mail or parcels. MPost has successfully rolled out its system in Kenya as part of a joint venture with the Kenyan government’s postal services, Postal Corporation of Kenya, also known as Kenya Posta.

On Fibo, MPost is unveiling their NFT drop collection “Africa Stamp Collection” which is a series of uniquely designed stamps as part of MPost’s vision and goal to issue digital formal addresses to 99% of the unaddressed in the next 5 years.

The funds from the NFT auction will be used to assist in scaling out their expansion plan to Eastern and Southern Africa, and the goal is to deliver a million MPost addresses by the end of 2022 and 100 million addresses in 5 years.

“An address is an identity that opens up opportunities for individuals who don’t have any type of formal mailing address. To access a private or public service, a mailing address is required from private companies and the government. The MPost addressing technology service helps to empower those in the developing world that lack a proper address. Sales from our NFTs will help towards achieving this goal.” – MPost

3) Ada Animation – The Immortal Series Collection

Source: Ada Animation

Click here to see Ada Animation’s minted NFTs on Fibo!

Ada Animation is a Kenya-based animation production house that creates African animation characters inspired by the decades-long existence of the gods of Africa.

Ada Animation’s unique NFT drop collection for Fibo titled “The Immortal Series” is an artwork collection of in-depth illustrations of various gods across Africa seeking to tell their stories.

“The unique concepts of artist royalties and direct ownership through NFTs which use decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts is very appealing to us as artists.” – Ada Animation

4) Ed Waianana – Using blockchain technologies and NFTs to accelerate social development

Source: Ed Waianana

Ed Waianana is a talented illustrator from Kenya whose artwork revolves around people, nature, landscapes, abstracts and many more.

Ed will feature his NFT drop “Muses” on Fibo as a genesis artist. It is based on Hercules and the muses are interpreted through his own vision in an African setting. This NFT was also inspired by putting photography and illustrations together.

Ed’s artistic style uses real background settings while combining scenarios from a story, movie, or novel.

As part of a larger and longer-term goal along with fellow digital artist Lynn Atieno (next artist below), Ed is part of the PAL organization which is a project that strives to be the first Web3 social enterprise using blockchain technologies and NFTs to accelerate social development in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. PAL aims to bridge the gap between the connected and the unconnected through ArtTech and provide a platform for artists in the Global South to showcase their lifestyle and culture in a positive manner through NFTs and Web3.

“NFTs bring artists, creators, and collectors together on a single platform. It’s another way for us artists to show our work to the world using digital technology.” – Ed Waianana

5) Lynn Atieno – Illustrating the state of human emotions

Source: Lynn Atieno

Lynn Atieno is also a Kenya-based digital illustrator inspired by fragility of the human mind during challenging times which she aims to represent through her illustrations.

Her Fibo NFT collection “Headspace” is about the state of the human mind going through mental adversity in illustration.

As noted above, Lynn is part of a broader Web3 movement along with Ed Waianana through the PAL organization project to utilize emerging technologies such as NFTs and blockchain to bridge the social divide. Artists in particular could hugely benefit from decentralized technology and having direct access and control over their own creations to reach consumers.

“NFTs have an amazing potential to reach many people and change lives in different ways at the same time.” – Lynn Atieno

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