April 5, 2022

Fibo Welcomes Four More Upcoming Artists to Cardano NFT Marketplace - Part 4



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Fibo (formerly known as Fiborite) is an EMURGO-backed Cardano NFT marketplace nearing full release for all artists, musicians, and collectors to mint, buy, and sell NFTs and just surpassed 100 mints on Cardano’s blockchain!

Developed by EMURGO, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, Fibo allows for everyone to easily create NFTs of their own works through a few clicks, and then proceed to display and sell them on Fibo’s platform. Others can also visit Fibo to browse and purchase NFTs.

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NFTs have made it possible for artists, musicians, and brands to tokenize, own, and transact their creative works via an online NFT marketplace utilizing blockchain.

As a Cardano NFT marketplace, Fibo leverages Cardano’s environmentally-sustainable blockchain, and simply connects with Yoroi Wallet’s desktop Google Chrome browser to transact using Cardano’s underlying cryptocurrency ADA.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up and add Yoroi Wallet to your desktop browser!

In this five-part artist introduction blog series, we have been introducing Fibo’s first artists and their Cardano NFTs that will eventually be available for purchase. For the time being, Fibo has allowed for a select group of “genesis artists” to mint and display their NFTs with full minting and buying functionalities opening to all in the very near future.

In this Part 4 blog, we will introduce a diverse group of four more artists from various parts of the world with their own creative styles.

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Check out another batch of NFTs from Fibo’s genesis artists!

1) Nash aka ProjectDoge – An eclectic, multidisciplinary NFT artist

Source: Nash aka ProjectDoge

Click here to see some of Nash aka ProjectDoge’s NFTs on Fibo!

Nash, also known as ProjectDoge in the NFT community, is an Australia-based multidisciplinary NFT artist who loves exploring 2D & 3D art styles. As an artist of Deep South Indian heritage, Nash loves making Indian traditional art with a modern thirst.

Nash’s passion for Warli (Indian tribal art) inspired the start of their artistic journey and their upcoming NFT collection on Fibo is named “Project Doge” – a blend of Warli meets the Space Age.

The drop collection will be 15 pieces – each of which tell a strong story within a story. Nothing in the collection is what meets the eye at first glance. It will be a unique collection in the Cardano ADA NFT space and Nash/ProjectDoge will donate 1/3rd of all NFT sales back to the Warli community.  

“NFTs allow for the artistic freedom to express and the establishment of a direct artist-collector relationship.” – ProjectDoge

2) Nthenya Mwendwa – Empowering females in Kenya

Source: Nthenya Mwendwa

Click here to see Nthenya Mwenda’s NFTs on Fibo!

Nthenya Mwendwa is a Kenya-based artist and emerging luxury leather bag designer of THE.LABEL.SABA – a brand that represents “Redefined Nomadism”. With sustainability and women empowerment at the core of the brand, it uses raw materials such as fish leather, a great alternative to crocodile and snake skin. The brand works with an initiative called the Ushanga Association to uplift women from various beading communities across Kenya.

Nthenya’s NFT drop collection on Fibo will be entitled “Mistari” – a Swahili word that is loosely translated to mean “fine lines.” This collection of five different artworks represents the brand’s founder’s roots and the strong female lineage that defines the ethos “Empower one woman, you empower an entire generation.”

“My passion for telling stories about my beautiful heritage and showing that Africa can make luxury products that can compete on a global scale inspired me to get into NFTs.” – Nthenya Mwendwa

3) Steven Christian – Promoting diversity and inclusion in mainstream comics and cartoons

Source: Steven Christian

Click here to see some of Steven Christian’s NFTs on Fibo!

Steven Christian is a US-based artist in the augmented reality space where he empowers Black communities to express themselves through creativity, art, and technology. He is also the creator behind Black Superheroes Matter, an art series that follows Roscoe and Vanessa, the main characters from the Eyelnd Feevr Webcomic, as they cosplay as their favorite superheroes and cartoon characters.

Steven set out on a journey to redefine popular characters in the image of children of color. With NFTs, those same feelings of lack of representation were there. He wanted to evolve this project into a transmedia collection that goes beyond digital art or fanart, and produce something that people can claim ownership over and be proud of.

Steven’s upcoming NFT drop collection on Fibo entitled “Black Superheroes Matter” is about promoting diversity and promoting representation in mainstream comics and cartoons. As a Black visual artist, he set out on a journey to redefine popular characters in the image of children of color. The byproduct of this decision is a beautifully illustrated image made with an alcohol-based ink of his favorite cartoon characters and superheroes with darker skin, wider noses, and fuller lips. With this body of work, he creates opportunities to conquer stereotypes.

“I am interested in NFTs because it is a scalable opportunity to promote digital art that goes beyond making commissions. As an augmented reality developer, being able to explore the intersection of blockchain and augmented reality is an exciting avenue.” – Steven Christian

4) Raffic Ahamed – NFTs of art inspired by cherished memories

Source: Raffic Ahamed

Click here to see Raffic’s NFT collection on Fibo!

As an India-based artist from Madurai with still fresh memories of the Dhanushkodi incident and also tsunami, Raffic Ahamed uses art to present a visual record of lost lands using dreams as a source of inspiration.

Raffic’s NFT drop collection on Fibo will be “The Lost World” – a collection of ten paintings that are the outcome of the incident which led to a new understanding of life.

“Fibo gives traditional artists with a non-technical background an easy bridge into NFTs and to tell our stories to the world.” – Raffic Ahamed

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