March 29, 2022

Fibo Keeps Growing! Meet Five More Upcoming Artists on Cardano NFT Marketplace - Part 3



Introducing the first wave of artists on Fibo

Originally announced in December 2021, Fibo (formerly known as Fiborite) is a new Cardano NFT marketplace developed by EMURGO, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain.

Fibo empowers artists, musicians, and collectors, by providing a simple-to-use platform to mint, buy, and sell NFTs. A complete full-feature launch is upcoming shortly.

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NFTs now make it easy for artists, musicians, and brands to directly tokenize, own, and transact their creative works via an online NFT marketplace utilizing blockchain technology.

As a Cardano NFT marketplace, Fibo leverages Cardano’s environmentally-sustainable blockchain that is fast, verifiably secure, and comes with reasonable transaction fees, and connects simply through Yoroi Wallet’s desktop Google Chrome browser.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up and add Yoroi Wallet to your desktop browser!

In this five-part artist introduction blog series, we have been introducing Fibo’s first artists and their Cardano NFTs that will eventually be available for purchase on Fibo.

Click here to read Part 1 about six upcoming African artists!

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In this Part 3 blog, we will introduce five more talented artists, including award-winning artists, and their beautiful upcoming NFT drops.

NFTs inspired by our environment and more

1) R.S. Connett – Colorful creations inspired by the natural world

Source: R.S. Connett

R.S. Connett is a California artist inspired by our natural world’s interesting and diverse biological forms. His unique and colorful artwork generates creations of other-worldly creatures weaved into dynamic landscapes, all drawn in intricate detail.

R.S. Connett’s NFT drop collections on Fibo will be entitled after his artist namesake and these minted NFTs will be of his own, original signed paintings seen at his site here, as well as other collections for collectable cards and animated artwork. Each painting included in the collection will be unique, and not available anywhere else. Cards and animated artwork are to be in limited quantities as well.

“R.S. Connett is a masterful painter of other-worldly creatures harmoniously swimming along in complex dreamscapes. Intricate geometric patterns make up each new species, meticulously painted with illuminated detail.” – From COLOSSAL 2016

2) Mark Osborne – A tree planted for each NFT purchased

Source: Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne is an award-winning visual artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. His art explores time, space, light and form, asking questions of what is seen, how things appear and how we negotiate, interpret and give meaning.

His digital work plays with sculptural three-dimensionality in the photographic surface. Working with NFTs allows Mark to explore photography in the digital realm. He now exhibits nationally and internationally and has received several awards.

Mark Osborne’s Fibo NFT drop collection “Deforestation of Fertility” asks questions of the human impact on our planet – deforestation, pollution, and the climate crisis. A humble toilet roll symbolizes the destruction of our natural environment for human consumption. Each NFT is an image of a unique photogram hand-printed in his darkroom.

With each of his NFTs purchased on Fibo, a tree will be planted in an ambitious rewilding project by Trees for Life. The Trees for Life vision is a revitalized wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and thrive.

“I find the uniqueness of NFTs enticing as they allow the owner to prove ownership of the digital asset. The idea that NFTs can represent a real-world commodity, like an artwork, and any future sales of that artwork will automatically benefit the artist through royalties.” – Mark Osborne

3) Matthew Cicanese – Award-winning fine art wildlife photographer and National Geographic Explorer

Source: Matthew Cicanese

Matthew Cicanese is a US-based award-winning fine art wildlife photographer and National Geographic Explorer. A Florida native, his larger-than-life images of wildlife celebrate unseen beauty worldwide. Each of Matthew’s artworks is imbued with a sense of childlike fascination that invites you to dive deeper into the textural details and playfully explore with the eye.

Matthew’s artwork has been shown and exhibitions worldwide, including Nature’s Best Photography exhibition and London’s Royal Geographical Society as a finalist for the 2015 Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards.

His photography has been featured by Canon, National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, Smithsonian Magazine, and BBC Earth Online (among others). In 2021, Matthew was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for Art and Style.

Matthew Cicanese’s NFT drop collection on Fibo, Symphonies in Scale: Lichens – Volume 01, is a collection that went live on February 12th as a new outdoor exhibit at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, GA. The exhibition showcases 4×6 foot images and is available for viewing from Feb. 12 – May 12, 2022.

These larger-than-life images magnify the complexity and beauty of lichens which cover almost six percent of Earth’s entire surface, including rocks, soil, trees, and human structures, inspiring viewers to discover these organisms that can otherwise be easy to overlook.

“We believe that NFT’s can fundamentally shift artists’ traditional life paths with a refined focus and community support. With technology comes utility, and through utility, we can create unity. Good communication plus unity equals a great community. NFTs are not just about art; they are about people, and they are about making things happen, and they are about creating value in the world.” – Matthew Cicanese

4) Black Rhino – Supporting endangered species conservation

Source: BlackRhino (Watermarked)

Black Rhino is a Canada-based project, launched in early 2021, with the goal of providing users with a more engaging and rewarding experience for supporting endangered species conservation, while also providing conservation organizations around the world with access to digital markets.  Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Black Rhino aims to bridge the gap between endangered species conservation and everyday cryptocurrency users.

Black Rhino’s Fibo NFT drop collection entitled “Genesis Cardano Collection” features artwork done by Black Rhino artists, in-house, inspired by endangered species from around the world. Each piece is inspired by a different species, and 50% of the profit from each sale will go towards an accredited conservation organization dedicated to the protection of the species featured in the artwork.

“NFTs open up a wide variety of new, exciting opportunities for increasing support and awareness for conservation organizations doing important work all around the world.” – Black Rhino

5) Jason Matias – Military veteran, artist, speaker, and author

Source: Jason Matias

Jason Matias is a US-based career artist and photographer, and has been creating art since 2012. While stationed in the military, he faced skepticism about his solo backcountry hiking in Alaska.

“No picture, no proof.”

Photography solved that problem.

Now, his body of work includes a collection of photographs of places that no longer exist. Each was destroyed by man or by climate change or a combination of the two.

Jason Matias’ NFT drop collection titled “Beautiful Things That Are Gone” are the best visual representations of places and things that used to exist, and were featured in his TEDx Talk.

Click here to watch Jason Matias’ inspiring TEDxTalk to learn about his journey and what motivates his artwork!

“The Web3 world is an extension of the real world and it will function on NFTs. I see this as a natural extension of my business as an artist.” – Jason Matias

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