April 9, 2020

EMURGO Traceability Solution for Supply Chain Transparency and a Healthy Business Climate

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Traceability can be defined as the ability to find information about where and how a product is produced or the ability to find or follow something. In the context of blockchain technology, traceability means any changes to the data/information stored in it can be known and tracked. Traceability will be very useful if implemented in the supply chain because the information/data movement of goods from each supply chain can be validated.

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EMURGO is a global blockchain company that provides solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments. Known as one of the founders of the Cardano protocol, EMURGO is involved in various projects in several countries, such as Japan, India, the United States, and Indonesia.

EMURGO Indonesia introduces an enterprise-based blockchain traceability solution, EMURGO Traceability Solution. This solution answers the need for accurate information/data in the supply chain by utilizing the characteristics of a transparent and immutable blockchain.

As a context, the supply chain in Indonesia is very challenging, one of the reasons is due to the geographical condition of the largest archipelago in the world which is quite complex and fragmented. Information/data regarding the distribution channels of goods is difficult to validate. Coupled with the paper-based recording and the lack of access to a computer or laptop, the current reality is very far from the ideal conditions expected by the stakeholders involved.

EMURGO is aware of this issue and sees enormous potential for the blockchain to be the answer. The accuracy of data distribution of goods can be validated with the blockchain application in the supply chain. The immutable characteristics of the blockchain make data or information that has been entered into the blockchain cannot be changed in any way. This makes any form of manipulation that might occur along the goods distribution channel minimized.

In addition, every stakeholder involved in the distribution process can access existing information. Manufacturers can find out where their production goods are sent, as well as the final sale price. On the other hand, consumers can also see the travel history of the goods before arriving in his hand.

The practice that has taken place in the field all this time is that after selling their produce, the producer has no idea where the goods are sent and ends. Only parties who have access to the supply chain data can find out complete information on the journey of goods from beginning to end. Consumers also only get information on the origin of goods from sellers that cannot be validated.

The characteristics of a transparent blockchain can address the above issues because all stakeholders involved can easily access existing information.

After extensive research, the EMURGO enterprise unit developed a solution supported by the Cardano blockchain protocol, EMURGO Traceability Solution. This solution will address the issue of traceability in the supply chain and can be easily accessed via mobile phones.

Implementation of EMURGO Traceability Solution at Blue Korintji Coffee

Finally, after about 6 months in production, EMURGO Traceability Solution was launched by cooperating with the local coffee brand, Blue Korintji Coffee as the party that applied it in their supply chain system.

Blue Korintji Coffee is a local coffee brand that uses Arabica coffee beans originating from the Kerinci mountains in Sumatra. Before 2017, Kerinci coffee almost no one knew, despite having a distinctive and delicious taste. The name of Kerinci coffee began to be known when it was selected as the best coffee at the national festival in 2017. Blue Korintji saw the great potential of Kerinci coffee and started cooperation with a local coffee cooperative (ALKO) to build a coffee business in the plantation located at the foot of Mount Kerinci.

With EMURGO Traceability Solution, Blue Korintji Coffee provides the complete story of the journey of the coffee beans to their customers, from coffee plantations to a cup of coffee. Information such as the name of the farmer who harvests the coffee beans, the distribution channels the coffee beans take, how many days it takes for the coffee beans to arrive at the Blue Korintji Coffee outlet and end up in the buyer’s cup, all of which can be accessed by connoisseurs of Blue Korintji Coffee.

Today’s coffee lovers are full of curiosity and critical enough to question any information that is presented to them. In addition, knowing that for each coffee purchased means helping the livelihoods of coffee farmers surely gives satisfaction to coffee lovers. For this reason, the story of the journey of coffee beans into a cup of coffee can be a significant added value for local coffee brands.

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In more detail how the implementation of the EMURGO Traceability Solution application in the Blue Korintji Coffee supply chain is as follows:

  • After receiving coffee from the collector, the processor enters a batch of coffee data along with the data of the parties involved according to the invoice into the application.
  • The processor then sends coffee to the roaster and updates the information on the application for the batch, such as tracking code, processing date, and other relevant data.
  • Roasters receive a batch of coffee, they verify it on the application based on the shipping number and weight information on the system.
  • When roasters process coffee, they add coffee profile information, such as flavors, into the system through the application.
  • Roaster will issue a QR code when sending coffee to the outlet.
  • The barista at the outlet will verify receipt by scanning the QR code. Next, the barista will update the info by scanning the QR code again to record the bag opening date. This QR code will then be printed and displayed to be seen directly by consumers
  • Consumers can scan the printed QR code to find out the story of the coffee trip they drink.

With price transparency, coffee farmers are not trapped in unhealthy price competition and consumers can also feel confident that they have helped coffee farmers in every cup of coffee they enjoy.

Implementation of EMURGO Traceability Solution for bigger goals

Through the implementation of EMURGO Traceability Solution in the coffee supply chain in Indonesia, EMURGO wants to encourage the creation of a healthy and fair business climate for all parties involved, ranging from farmers, processors, roasters, to coffee connoisseurs.

Furthermore, EMURGO will add the latest functionality and features to the application used by Blue Korintji Coffee along with the increasing amount of coffee distribution data/information stored on the blockchain.

Want to know more about EMURGO traceability solutions or you have questions about our solutions, visit the Traceability tech website.


EMURGO is a global blockchain company that presents solutions for developers, startups, enterprises and governments. EMURGO develops applications with enterprise standards, tools for developers, invests in startups and provides education about blockchain technology.

EMURGO has offices and handles projects in Singapore, Japan, the United States, India and Indonesia. EMURGO is one of the founders of the Cardano protocol.

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