November 1, 2022

EMURGO October 2022 Newsletter: Do more with your Yoroi Wallet + Blockchain Developer Demand on the Rise!

Albert Kim


EMURGO’s monthly newsletter features updates from our team, new product releases, investments, and partnership announcements. Find out how we’re contributing to the Cardano Web3 ecosystem including Yoroi Wallet and blockchain education for the month of October.

Fintech Update

Explore Yoroi Wallet!

Here’s a list of 8 things you can do with Yoroi.

Yoroi Wallet is available for both mobile and desktop browsers. Download using the link above.

EMURGO Africa investment

Investment in Scalex, a pan-African peer-to-peer network that aims to bring secure, frictionless cryptocurrency trading across Africa.

EMURGO Africa is the regional office and subsidiary of EMURGO Middle East & Africa (MEA) based in Dubai.

A TOKEN2049 recap including CEO Ken Kodama’s CoinDesk interview; announces $200 million investment into the Cardano ecosystem

EMURGO successfully hosted and wrapped up a busy Asia Crypto Week 2022, highlighted by TOKEN2049 Singapore and an oversubscribed Cardano community pool party!

(L:R) EMURGO team hosts Cardano booth at TOKEN2049 Singapore; Cardano community after-party

Blockchain, Real Estate, and Land Registration

Land records have always been an issue. Here is where Web3 services utilizing blockchain technology can solve the problems of fraud and lack of trust in real estate.

Web3 offers the potential to provide unique value to existing industries including real estate and land registration.

EMURGO Academy

How Learning the Basics Can Help You Transition to a Career in Blockchain

No matter what career path you find yourself in, at some point you’ll encounter blockchain and Web3.

EMURGO Academy offers curated online blockchain courses for students with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

Blockchain Developer Demand and Salaries in 2022

Projects all over the world keep demanding blockchain developers. This is pushing salaries up across the globe. 

Blockchain developer salaries and demand are on the rise. Learn about blockchain with EMURGO Academy.

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