December 10, 2019

EMURGO Meetup Recap: Blockchain x Gaming Use Cases

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EMURGO, the official commercial and venture arm of Cardano – the first third-generation blockchain to evolve out of a scientific philosophy – hosted its first meetup on the potential use cases for blockchain & gaming at its Tokyo office on November 19th, 2019!

Leveraging EMURGO’s partnership with Korean gaming association KBCCA & KMGA (Korea Blockchain Contents Association/Korean Mobile Gaming Association) and our network of industry partners, EMURGO was excited to bring together five gaming enterprises: YarukimanTokkys, Platinum Egg, ONBUFF, ANIVERSE, Mashioba, and KBCCA & KMGA for the local meetup.

This meetup offered a great opportunity for the local blockchain community to meet & listen to influential gaming enterprises in Japan & Korea on their perspectives on blockchain implementation into the gaming industry. Through EMURGO’s advisory services, EMURGO is helping these companies utilize blockchain-based services for their digitally-based businesses. As online gaming is an area where users are very accustomed to digital services & virtual assets, the usage of blockchain technology to tokenize game-related aspects, provide better security for important data, and so on, holds much potential. EMURGO;s objective is to lay the groundwork for the future by exploring mutually favorable opportunities for industries and businesses that show aligned synergies with Cardano’s third-generation blockchain solutions.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the company profiles to learn about them!


Speaker: CEO Itagaki Mamoru

YarukimanTokkys is a local Japanese gaming development company providing creative added services and value to digital games. In addition, they have partnered together with a known Japanese professional e-sports team TEAM iXA to help boost the gaming industry through added support. Through blockchain technology, they digitally tokenized the popular e-sports players through a local social media platform and offered these tokens to their fan base. YarukimanTokkys also provides other gaming-related services to consumers and companies.

Formerly, CEO Itagaki was a board member of another local gaming company, Ponos. One of their best-selling games is にゃんこ大戦争 Nyanko Daisensou(BattleCats). Due to his influence, CEO Itagaki has been well-covered in local gaming media outlets.

e-Sports team iXA(戦)website:

Official site:

2. Platinum Egg

Speaker: CEO Takemura Nariya

Platinum Egg develops gaming software & applications, electronic toys, and games for various hardware such as home game consoles, PCs, mobile phones, iPhone and Android. Platinum Egg aims to handle the entire development process – from software development to the end product. Their services include planning, designing, graphic data production, program production, sound production, and direction work. Using blockchain technology, Platinum Egg virtually tokenized cities and pieces of land in Japan here. Sales made on those cities will be shared with those holding relevant tokens in their gaming project.

Official site:


Speaker: Communications Manager ,Tee Kim

ONBUFF is a Korean company that provides a platform to connect gaming intellectual property (IP) owners looking to monetize their IP with game development companies wanting to incorporate IP into their games. With a primary focus on gaming and a strong partnership with leading IP holder SNK, ONBUFF hopes to bring famous gaming names and characters to developers that wish to include the IP in their own games. Through a frictionless marketplace and the security of blockchain, ONBUFF is creating an ecosystem that allows anyone to take part in IP, from owners and developers to marketers and game players.

Official site:


Speaker: Business Development Manager, Ashley Cho

ANIVERSE is a Korean company offering a blockchain-based platform to utilize their exclusive intellectual property rights secured through its partnership with TUBAn – a leading & influential Korean 3D digital animation studio. ANIVERSE is planning to have its platform serve as an animation online content theme park for content users.

TUBAn is a Korean animation company established in 2003, and has released seven animation series to date, developing various businesses by utilizing IP created by its own developed animation series. Its best known series “Larva” has signed character licensing deals in 25 countries as of 2019, and is currently aired on TVs and local platforms in more than 190 countries, including Netflix. The Larva series is a global leading animation with 7 billion views on YouTube, 2.7 million daily view counts, and 8 million subscribers.

Official site:

5. Mashioba

Speaker: Director, Won Ju Yen

Mashioba is a platform that supports healthy lifestyles by providing various health-related contents such as online communities, health management, etc., utilizing blockchain technology to offer its own WAC token on its platform to access content. App users are rewarded for keeping track of their health habits, engaging with health-related content, and for healthy behavior. It also offers synchronization with wearable devices.

Official site:


Speaker: Chairman, Seongik Hwang

In August 2019, EMURGO signed a MOU with South Korean trade associations KBCCA & KMGA to mutually identify and explore the potential for integrating blockchain-based solutions into the Korean digital content & mobile gaming industries. Both associations are approved by South Korea’s Ministry of Science & ICT to seek healthy, innovative growth of the local digital content and gaming industries through forging partnerships and resource sharing between stakeholders.

Official site

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EMURGO is the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia. EMURGO works closely with IOHK and The Cardano Foundation to grow Cardano’s ecosystem globally, and promote its adoption. Learn more about the project at

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