February 14, 2022

EMURGO Joint Venture Astarter: Open Beta Testnet Update



Astarter, an EMURGO joint venture and Cardano-based DeFi ecosystem project, is excited to introduce the upcoming open beta testnet launch of its Launchpad product, and its additional core strategic partners: official Cardano light wallet Yoroi Wallet and Moonstake.

Through its strategic partners and shared business networks, Astarter consistently seeks to forge new partnerships to foster a well-built Astarter ecosystem for its users.

In addition to the noted partners above, Astarter also has solid backing from industry leaders OKEx, NULS, and Ruby Capital, as well as expert guidance from its prominent advisors:

With its core strategic partners, Astarter will enhance collaborative efforts, including technical development & support, user onboarding, and community engagement initiatives.

What is Astarter?

Astarter is an all-in-one Cardano-based DeFi ecosystem that will offer a robust array of essential products and services for dApp projects to easily launch on Cardano and for ADA users such as:

Launched in collaboration with EMURGO, Astarter offers a toolbox of essential features that enhances teams’ abilities to easily deploy decentralized projects on Cardano and build communities to support those projects.

As a leading Cardano DeFi infrastructure hub, Astarter is creating a truly native launchpad directly on Cardano, bridging the gap that will allow DeFi builders to deploy fast, secure, and interoperable decentralized applications that offer benefits to both projects and their community of users.

Astarter’s Open Beta Testnet

Astarter’s Open Beta Testnet is an iteration of its upcoming Astarter Launchpad product that can be used by all of the community members for testing and experimentation without risk to real funds on the main chain.

Through the Open Beta Testnet, Astarter users can explore the product. By claiming tAAs in the Astarter Testnet, users will be able to test the functionality of the One-Click Coin Issuance feature and the IDO feature of the Astarter Launchpad.

In technical tests, Astarter has been able to successfully connect and integrate Yoroi Wallet for transactions via its newly released Yoroi dApp Connector.

Click to watch the successful test integration of Yoroi with Astarter!

In the coming weeks, the official launch of the Open Beta Testnet will be announced on Astarter’s Official Twitter Account and Telegram Announcement Channel.

Click to follow Astarter on Twitter!

Astarter’s Open Beta Testnet promotional campaign prior to its official launch is also currently running on its Twitter page (click link above) during which all users can participate in the campaign and interact with the Astarter team through its social media platforms.

In the meantime, Astarter’s Medium blog page will be used to post the Test Guide.

Please remember to follow Astarter’s official Twitter for all updates and developments.

What Astarter’s Additional Core Strategic Partners Do

Download Yoroi Wallet here!

Yoroi for iOS
Yoroi for Android
Yoroi for Google Chrome Extension
Yoroi for Firefox Extension
Yoroi for Microsoft Edge Extension

Yoroi Wallet

Developed by EMURGO, Yoroi is the official light wallet for Cardano ADA and Ergo ERG users.

It’s simple, fast, and secure, and a gateway to interacting with the Cardano dApp ecosystem for ADA users.

Yoroi follows best practices for software in the industry including a comprehensive security audit, and offers both mobile (Android & iOS) and desktop browser versions (Chrome, Firefox, & Edge). To download your preferred version, please visit Yoroi Wallet’s official site here.

As an official Cardano light wallet, Yoroi willsupport Astarter with technology domain expertise, Cardano-related compatibility, and general marketing support.

Moonstake Wallet

As a leading blockchain staking service provider, Moonstake develops and operates decentralized wallet services for enterprises and end-users.

Having launched its full-scale staking operations in August 2020, Moonstake’s total staking assets have risen to USD 1.8 billion, and is the third biggest staking provider globally.

So far it has expanded its businesses and ecosystem through 30 different strategic partnerships, including EMURGO, Cardano’s official commercial arm..

In May 2021, Moonstake became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singaporean listed company “OIO Holdings Limited” (SGX: OIO) and is currently working to further expand its businesses.

Utilizing its resources and user base, Moonstake will help to expand Astarter’s market reach, cross-promote, and onboard more users to Astarter. For more information, please visit https://moonstake.io/

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