October 5, 2022

EMURGO Introduces New Community Lead As It Builds Fintech Division, Improves Yoroi Wallet

Albert Kim


EMURGO, the official commercial arm and a founding member of the Cardano blockchain, has named Tyler Wales as EMURGO Fintech Community Lead effective immediately, to establish a point of contact to address community questions with EMURGO’s Web3 user products and services, as well as to assist the Yoroi Wallet community in general.

What does EMURGO Fintech do?

The recently established EMURGO Fintech division is responsible for creating and managing Web3 user products and services that utilize the Cardano blockchain, such as the first Cardano ADA light wallet Yoroi, Fibo, and new products & updates to be rolled out.

What are the responsibilities of EMURGO’s Fintech Community Lead?

As EMURGO Fintech Community Lead, Tyler will be tasked with addressing community concerns, providing general support to the Yoroi Wallet community, and enhancing the visibility of development work being undertaken on EMURGO Fintech’s products and services, as part of the goal of driving EMURGO Fintech’s community engagement efforts. 

More specifically, Tyler will encourage community feedback and discourse, empower the community with the ability to contribute product ideas and features and help identify product issues to problem solve collaboratively. 

More about Tyler – EMURGO Fintech Community Lead

Tyler is a seasoned and adaptable tech entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in building businesses in media & technology and is well-versed in Cardano’s Web3 products. He has been an active participant in Cardano’s Project Catalyst as a voter, PA, VPA, Proposer, and Challenge team member, and has also spoken at several Web3 conferences about Cardano and EMURGO.

“Having been a part of the Cardano community for several years now, I’m very excited to take on this role and interact with the community. Cardano just recently turned five years old and its future is bright due to its passionate community and talented developer ecosystem which continues to grow globally,” said EMURGO Fintech Community Lead Tyler Wales.

Connect with Tyler

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