June 3, 2022

EMURGO and Ergo Foundation Joint Statement on Yoroi Wallet

Albert Kim


Supporting ERG, Ergo Platform’s official cryptocurrency, in Yoroi Wallet was an important milestone in supporting the Ergo community.  

As development continues, both teams are aware of technical difficulties there may be for some Ergo Platform’s ERG holders using Yoroi Wallet and the inconvenience it may be causing.

We would like to provide an update about the current status, the reasons behind these issues, and our joint plan to resolve them.

Previously, Yoroi’s ERG holders had been experiencing slow wallet syncing and other inconvenient performance issues. This had been caused by congestion and overload on our Ergo backend servers. 

Now, with new leadership and an expanded technical team put in place for Yoroi, the Yoroi team has already started to fix these issues for Yoroi’s ERG holders.

Backend infrastructure has been rebuilt from scratch with the latest version of the Ergo backend explorer. Updates have been completed to support resolution of synchronization issues. The updates to the infrastructure included upgrades to the Enterprise Network and adding new nodes with more resources.

Ergo’s backend has now synced successfully and the situation is fully resolved.

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If you have any outstanding queries, please reach out to our support team here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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