May 9, 2023

EMURGO Academy: Training Future Cardano Blockchain Developers and Professionals

Albert Kim


Blockchain and Web3 have gained immense job popularity in recent years with many people learning about crypto and the importance of decentralized solutions which give individuals more control over personal identity, transactions, content creation, and more.

This rise in awareness has led to a growing demand for technical and non-technical career professionals with experience in blockchain and Web3, from large enterprises to Web3 startups in DeFi, NFTs, and others.

In our previous blog about the 5 Reasons Blockchain Can Advance Your Career, it stated that popular job sites such as LinkedIn and list blockchain as one of the “20 In-Demand Skills for Today’s Work Environment” and that “as of June 2022, the supply and demand of talent in the global blockchain field are out of balance, with qualified candidates in short supply.”

To meet this surging demand for blockchain devs and Web3 professionals, EMURGO Academy has been training students to upskill or transition their careers into blockchain since launching in 2019.

Preparing you for a career in blockchain and Web3

To prepare learners for a career in blockchain and Web3, EMURGO Academy offers several curated courses based on different learner types. There are technical courses for those aiming to be Cardano blockchain developers and non-technical courses for business professionals wanting to become proficient in enterprise blockchain. There is also a general blockchain course for the general public interested in learning the basics of blockchain.

Courses cover a range of blockchain topics depending on the type of course and aim for practical, up-to-date knowledge about the latest in blockchain and Web3, along with a deep dive into learning about the Cardano blockchain. Prospective blockchain developers also learn to develop decentralized applications (dApps) on Cardano as part of the course modules.

Learn more about EMURGO Academy’s blockchain courses

Most of these courses are taught virtually to online students, catering to the schedules of EMURGO Academy’s global student clientele.

EMURGO Academy student figures

EMURGO Academy has successfully trained over 4,500 learners in Cardano and blockchain technology, with student learners from over 21 different countries.

EMURGO Academy has also forged collaborative partnerships with more than 18 academic institutions worldwide in Indonesia, India, Europe, and other locations, including one of the first university-level DeFi courses in partnership with The University of Nicosia.

Certified graduates of EMURGO Academy have gone on to work in Cardano and blockchain at Web3 startups and enterprises, being able to leverage the career network of EMURGO Academy’s industry partners.

Interested in learning about Cardano with EMURGO Academy?

Want to become a Cardano Blockchain Developer or learn about Blockchain and Web3?

Then, contact and register for EMURGO Academy’s numerous blockchain courses here.

EMURGO Academy offers a variety of blockchain courses suited for technical and non-technical professionals seeking training and knowledge about blockchain, particularly the Cardano blockchain.

EMURGO Academy is the education arm of EMURGO, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. EMURGO Academy has two offline learning centers in India and Indonesia and runs online courses for students located around the world.

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