August 23, 2022

EMURGO Academy 101: Cardano Blockchain Courses for Developers & Business Professionals

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If you want to become a blockchain developer or get a blockchain job, it would be ideal to start with learning the basics from seasoned blockchain experts to guide you through a curated course. 

To help you work in blockchain, you can count on EMURGO Academy to give you a hands-on learning experience with the most up-to-date blockchain education content, especially for those who wish to become a Cardano developer. 

Interested students will understand and learn Cardano’s basic functioning programming languages Plutus and Haskell as well as the basics of blockchain in general.

For those interested in taking a developer course, it is recommended that you have some prior technical knowledge.

For those interested in blockchain business courses for entrepreneurs and professionals, technical experience is not required.

What is EMURGO Academy?

EMURGO Academy is the education arm of EMURGO, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. 

EMURGO Academy currently offers six different online courses tailored for all student types, including those with technical and non-technical backgrounds.

EMURGO Academy’s courses are created to ensure that all students can properly develop applications on Cardano upon completion. 

As EMURGO Academy’s courses are taught online, they can be adjusted to meet the needs of working professionals.

Upon graduation, EMURGO Academy can also help students connect with exciting Web3 projects in the Cardano and blockchain space for potential jobs.

Why choose EMURGO Academy?

There are plenty of reasons to do so:

  • 2,500+ certified learners, including 2,100 for Cardano-specific courses to-date
  • 18+ university collaborations to provide blockchain learning to students
  • Global student profile from 21+ countries around the world
  • Expected to certify 2,000+ new blockchain learners in 2022

How do I sign up for EMURGO Academy’s courses?

You can view course information and sign up here

Fill in the required information. 

After everything is done, click on “Sign Up” to finish your registration.

Now it’s time to Sign In

Insert your e-mail and password to proceed.

On the upper panel, select “PROGRAMS”, then choose the desired theme:

DEVELOPERS are for those with technical backgrounds. It offers top-notch training solutions for both beginners and experts. They’re designed for those that have some programming knowledge and are interested in upgrading their skills to explore the benefits of the Cardano blockchain platform.

DOMAIN EXPERTS are for those with non-technical backgrounds. It offers knowledge for executives and business consultants so they can choose the best course of action regarding the implementation of solutions powered by Cardano.

Sign up for EMURGO Academy’s Time-Limited Special Offer on Blockchain Courses

Valid until August 31, 2022, EMURGO Academy is offering a special discount offer on three of its most popular Cardano blockchain education courses.

Blockchain and Web3 jobs soared by 400% from 2020 to 2021 and had the most available job listings in the tech industry according to LinkedIn.

EMURGO Academy’s courses are taught by professional instructors with real industry experience.

Click on the offer above to get more information and follow EMURGO Academy’s channels below for the latest updates and announcements!

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