November 5, 2018

Regarding our relationship with EMURGO HK Limited

Together Agency


On occasion we receive questions from the community regarding the relationship between EMURGO Co., Ltd. (hereafter EMURGO) which is based here in Tokyo Japan and headed by CEO Ken Kodama and EMURGO HK Limited (hereafter EMURGO HK) located in Hong Kong and headed by CEO Ryan King. Whereas until now we responded directly to such inquiries, with the continuing expansion of our operations both domestically and internationally we have decided to take this opportunity to clarify the relationship between these two entities, as follows.

EMURGO HK uses a corporate name which is the same as the incorporated name of our company, however as an organization they are wholly independent from EMURGO. The organization of the respective companies is such that, both legally and substantially, neither company stands in a position to invoke decision-making rights upon the other.

At EMURGO we are singularly focused and dedicated in our efforts to contribute to the Cardano ecosystem, and hope the same for Emurgo HK. Everyone at EMURGO is deeply grateful for the continued support from the community.

Please direct any inquiries regarding the above to:
Public Relations, EMURGO Co., Ltd.

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