February 16, 2023

Cardano Spot Launches Open Beta For Community



Facilitating diverse content mediums for Cardano-based projects and enthusiasts at all-in-one-place “Cardano Spot”

SINGAPORE, FEBRUARY 15, 2023 / EMURGO Media — Cardano Spot, one of Cardano’s emerging social networks, launches its open beta — a platform initially built to rectify the fragmentation of the Cardano ecosystem, now all set to help the community.

At the end of 2022, one of the founding partners of Cardano, EMURGO Media, launched a closed beta version of Cardano Spot. The platform has been developed based on community feedback and direction for the last few months. The platform is now open to onboard all projects that are Cardano-powered. 

“In Closed Beta, we worked silently to build a platform based on community feedback and direction. With Open Beta, we are launching a host of new features and open ourselves to ideas and suggestions from the whole community,” said Sebastian Zilliacus, Managing Director of EMURGO Media. 

Why Cardano Spot?

Cardano Blockchain has over thousand projects being built on top of it, along with over 4 million community members. Cardano Spot will serve these native projects and their communities in the following aspects: 

  • Community Hub: A personalized and curated home feed. Create content, follow creators, and find like-minded community members.

  • News Feed: Find the latest updates and insights on the Cardano Ecosystem. Content like educational posts, articles, and video material to learn new topics and expand your expertise.

  • Project Library: Discover and learn about Cardano projects and the latest trends in the Cardano ecosystem. The content-rich library facilitates a project description, whitepaper, explainer video, and links to help you research a project. It is your go-to place to DYOR on Cardano projects. 

  • Events Calendar: Never forget in-person and online crypto events with our events calendar. The events calendar will list all the Cardano-related upcoming events like webinars, meetups, discussions, product launches, and more.

  • Market Status: Check the latest information regarding token prices, market cap, and tokenomics. 

About Cardano Spot

Cardano Spot is the first product from EMURGO Media. This Cardano enthusiasts-focused social network serves end-to-end information for the Cardano community. It provides a user-generated interactive platform specifically designed for investment in, distribution, consumption, and monetization of Cardano content. Cardano Spot solves the issue of fragmented content in the Cardano ecosystem by aggregating valuable, quality content from reliable sources in the Cardano ecosystem to give up-to-date developments in the Cardano ecosystem.


EMURGO is the official commercial arm of Cardano and provides socially impactful solutions to solve some of the most intricate problems of organizations. As a founding entity of the Cardano protocol, EMURGO can leverage its abilities for large-scale blockchain development and rapid solutions deployment to benefit its global clients.

EMURGO has worldwide offices in the U.S., Singapore, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Africa, and a roster of global clients & partners. To connect and learn more, visit https://emurgo.io.

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