July 12, 2022

Additional Cardano NFTs Now Available for Purchase on Fibo - Part 4

Albert Kim


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Purchase Cardano NFTs on Fibo to show your support

Cardano NFT marketplace Fibo is now officially open for the Cardano community with mint, buy, and sell functions available.

Developed by EMURGO, a founding entity of Cardano, Fibo is a Cardano NFT marketplace empowering artists and collectors for a positive social impact.

Fibo is built to directly support artists who are new to NFTs and blockchain technology, in order to increase their brand exposure to the growing crypto community and to tell the human stories behind their artwork. Fibo also supports collectors who wish to own Cardano NFTs.

Compared to other NFT marketplaces, Fibo is the best place for artists to quickly expose their brands to new audiences and for collectors to get into Cardano NFTs due to:

  • Cardano’s massive global community of over 3 million
  • One-stop shop that automatically integrates with Yoroi Wallet for transacting and storing your NFTs
  • Fast and offers reasonable transaction fees paid in Cardano ADA
  • Straightforward UX geared towards non-technical users to easily mint NFTs; no coding required

This updated blog series re-introduces Fibo’s genesis artists and their thematic Cardano NFTs that can now be purchased on Fibo.

“There is a superhero in each one of you.”

EthanMan (The Real-Life Superhero) – created by Tanzania’s youngest app developer

Source: EthanMan

EthanMan is a superhero character created by a Tanzanian boy, Ethan Yona, who was only 6 years old at the time and is Tanzania’s youngest app developer. He created EthanMan to launch a real-life superhero character that children around the world could resonate with and love. The project was driven by his love for superhero characters whom he realized had superpowers that he couldn’t emulate. He couldn’t fly like Superman, climb buildings like Batman, nor have the strength displayed by his favorite character The Hulk.

He themed EthanMan with real-life superpowers like kindness, empathy, resilience, excellence, and such qualities that each one of us can deploy under his slogan “There is a superhero in each one of you.” 

EthanMan was launched in 2016 and it became a pan-African success as Ethan Yona went on to be featured by BBC News and many other global news outlets. Ethan became the youngest speaker in East Africa to give a TEDxTalk and he has inspired countless children and adults including successful Pan-African entrepreneur mogul Strive Masiyiwa who has written many features about Ethan on his platforms.

Ethan’s NFT drops on Fibo feature EthanMan as part of the “Real Life Super Hero Collection”. Portions of any sales will go to build the EthanMan portal and to also inspire other children about learning new things and taking advantage of new opportunities to empower themselves.

This NFT collection is about unleashing the superpowers within. We all have them, they are real and we can activate them for the good of humanity.

Ethan Yona

MPost (Africa Stamp Collection) – Delivering real addresses to the unaddressed

Source: MPost

Launched in Kenya in 2016 by Taz Technologies, MPost is a Kenya-based digital addressing technology and service that provides limitless, formal postal addresses to those that lack basic mailing addresses. Their virtual PO boxes provide real-time notifications for its customers and tracking of mail or parcels. MPost has successfully rolled out its system in Kenya as part of a joint venture with the Kenyan government’s postal services, Postal Corporation of Kenya, also known as Kenya Posta.

On Fibo, MPost’s NFT drop collection “Africa Stamp Collection” is now available for purchase.

It is a series of uniquely designed stamps as part of MPost’s vision and goal to issue digital formal addresses to 99% of the unaddressed in the next 5 years.

The funds from the NFT auction will be used to assist in scaling out their expansion plan to Eastern and Southern Africa, and the goal is to deliver a million MPost addresses by the end of 2022 and 100 million addresses in 5 years.

An address is an identity that opens up opportunities for individuals who don’t have any type of formal mailing address. To access a private or public service, a mailing address is required from private companies and the government. The MPost addressing technology service helps to empower those in the developing world that lack a proper address. Sales from our NFTs will help towards achieving this goal.


Ada Animation – The Immortal Series Collection

Source: Ada Animation

Ada Animation is a Kenya-based animation production house that creates African animation characters inspired by the decades-long existence of the gods of Africa. 

Ada Animation’s unique NFT drop collection for Fibo titled “The Immortal Series” is an artwork collection of in-depth illustrations of various gods across Africa seeking to tell their stories.

The unique concepts of artist royalties and direct ownership through NFTs which use decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts is very appealing to us as artists.

Ada Animation

Mark Osborne – A tree planted for each NFT purchased

Source: Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne is an award-winning visual artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. His art explores time, space, light and form, asking questions of what is seen, how things appear and how we negotiate, interpret and give meaning. 

His digital work plays with sculptural three-dimensionality in the photographic surface. Working with NFTs allows Mark to explore photography in the digital realm. He now exhibits nationally and internationally and has received several awards. 

Mark Osborne’s Fibo NFT drop collection “Deforestation of Fertility” asks questions of the human impact on our planet – deforestation, pollution, and the climate crisis. A humble toilet roll symbolizes the destruction of our natural environment for human consumption. Each NFT is an image of a unique photogram hand-printed in his darkroom.

With each of his NFTs purchased on Fibo, a tree will be planted in an ambitious rewilding project by Trees for Life. The Trees for Life vision is a revitalized wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and thrive.

I find the uniqueness of NFTs enticing as they allow the owner to prove ownership of the digital asset. The idea that NFTs can represent a real-world commodity, like an artwork, and any future sales of that artwork will automatically benefit the artist through royalties.

Mark Osborne

Explore NFTs for Purchase on Fibo Now

You can now go to Fibo and start buying Cardano NFTs to show your support to your favorite artists who are striving for a positive social impact.

All you need is a Yoroi Wallet with some Cardano ADA to purchase NFTs.

Also, join our Discord community to engage with fellow community members.  

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