June 11, 2024

5 Ways to Participate in Cardano Governance With Intersect



Intersect is a member-based organization (MBO) that supports Cardano’s distributed community governance.

Launched in 2023, Intersect’s objective is to transition the Cardano blockchain network towards a fully distributed governance structure whereby the community is responsible for the network’s technical maintenance and sustainability. 

Anyone or any organization is eligible to join Intersect and help shape Cardano’s governance and plans.

While it is still early, Intersect is already an extensive organization with over 1,150 members.

As Cardano is in the process of shifting to this distributed governance model and has many ways to contribute, it is difficult for the average user or organization to start engaging with Cardano governance via Intersect.

In this blog, there is a short guide on five ways to get started with Intersect.

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Join Intersect and get started shaping Cardano’s future

The first step is to join Intersect. 

Members must register to start participating in Cardano governance. It’s important to register as soon as possible, as there is a growing need for new members to join the conversation. 

Registration also grants access to Intersect’s Discord channel, the main channel for communication and discussion for members. An invitation is extended only once a person or organization has registered to join. 

Once there, multiple channels, an event calendar, and other discussion threads are opened for the members. It’s an integral part of the Intersect organization and the primary entryway for future activities. 

Join a Working Group

The next step to engage more with Intersect is joining a Working Group

These are groups of Cardano community members that join to discuss specific topics. Each Working Group is focused on one or two governance-related topics, so the discussion remains limited. 

There are no requirements to join a Working Group. All of them are open to anyone who wants to join. Of course, some Working Groups are more technical, like the Developer Experience Working Group, while others focus on non-technical topics, such as the Marketing Working Group.


This means there is a Working Group for everyone in the community. Those with more technical skills will find a place in technology-minded groups, while those more interested in communications will have a place in the others. 

The Working Groups are the backbone of Cardano’s future. They discuss many important topics that will later shape the direction of the network, which is why being part of those discussions is crucial.

Attend a town hall

Once a month, Intersect holds a town hall open to all its members. 

It’s a chance to receive all the latest Cardano governance updates, learn which grants were awarded, attend future events, network, and receive other Intersect-related news. 

The town hall also provides a chance to ask questions directly to the Intersect community and all members. Additionally, in the meeting, the members running the Working Groups often appear and present their latest work, asking for feedback and suggestions or even for new members to get involved.

The town hall is held remotely over a video conference so anyone can attend. 

Host an event

Another great way to participate in Intersect is to host events. Intersect members can provide help with information and other material to introduce Cardano to new entrants. It also helps with Intersect membership, as events are a great channel to get more members. 

Events are also important to help spread the word about Cardano. The network will need new members to grow and become more self-sustaining. Intersect is focused on expanding Cardano adoption through broader awareness, decentralized applications, education for developers, and more.

The goal is for a large self-sustaining blockchain network with various decentralized applications, significant user adoption of these applications, various stakeholders securing the Cardano network, active governance participation, an increasing number of Cardano-proficient developers, enterprise adoption, etc.

Apply for a grant

Another important step is to apply for a grant. Many grants are available, and more will be launched later this year. A grant is a great way to be known by the greater Cardano community and help the network. 

Grants are not only technical; some address event organizing, education, and other topics. The grants are given in ada, so some risk management is necessary when planning to finish one. 

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