March 14, 2023

Why EMURGO is a Great Fit -  5 Benefits of Working at a Global Blockchain Company

Albert Kim


In recent years, globalization has led to changes in the way we work. In particular, COVID-19 has shifted people to work fully remotely from home, which is now the norm in many companies.

As a global blockchain company, EMURGO employees also work both in the office and remotely. We have offices in different cities around the world for those who would like to work in an office setting and many others who work remotely from their desired locations.

In this blog series “Why EMURGO is a Great Fit,” we discuss the attractive benefits of working at a global blockchain and Web3 company.

For this blog, we list the top advantages of having a globalized team to work with at a blockchain company.

5 benefits of working at a global blockchain company

#1 – Flexible support system 

As open blockchain technology operates around the clock, many blockchain companies look to hire a global team of employees that can collaborate in real-time using Internet productivity tools. 

Remote teams that work globally in different time zones can work swiftly and focus more on their work tasks rather than having to worry about commute times. Since global remote teams are available for more hours during a given day, they can better respond to customers and teammates more quickly than teams working in only one set time zone. This is particularly important for companies with a global customer base and particularly for those in the blockchain industry as crypto and blockchain run 24/7/365. 

#2 – Diversity-rich corporate culture

Global teams are key to building an inclusive and diverse corporate culture. Teams with employees from various cultural backgrounds can utilize their skills and knowledge to develop localized business strategies and services that cater to local cultures and customer preferences. A diverse company also adds to employee satisfaction and the company culture as employees can learn new things and perspectives from those that come from other backgrounds.

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#3 – Maximize productivity

Global remote teams working in different time zones are up and running, and always working on tasks throughout the day. This speeds up the time to complete projects and get work done. When teammates in certain time zones are off work, other teammates in different time zones are at work. This constant collaboration and task hand-off between global teammates boost overall company and individual productivity.

#4 – Cross-cultural competence 

Employees who participate in global projects and work with international teammates have a great opportunity to develop intercultural competence. In other words, engaging with other cultures increases an employee’s ability to understand and respect other people’s perspectives, and to communicate more effectively with international clients. It also adds to employees’ knowledge of localized business practices and strategies that can help them further in their careers.

#5 – Minimize problems

Studies have shown that international teams report having 12% fewer problems than teams working in just one location. Teams made up of international employees tend to work very closely across borders and report fewer problems.

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EMURGO Singapore HQ

Based in Singapore, EMURGO is a global blockchain technology company and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain. EMURGO leverages Cardano’s open-source and decentralized blockchain technology to develop the Cardano Web3 ecosystem through customized fintech solutions, wallets, blockchain developer education, and investment.

EMURGO employs more than 100 people around the world, most of whom work remotely. While embracing remote work opportunities, EMURGO also actively supports intercultural and team-bonding exchanges to promote understanding and work collaboration. By bringing together talented people from all over the world and placing them in the right positions, EMURGO puts employees in a position to succeed and maximize their potential.

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