November 16, 2023

Enhanced NODO Feed 2.0: Discover Community-Generated Content & Contribute to the Pan-African Product Community



We’re excited to announce that NODO’s product discovery and engagement platform, NODO Feed, has a new look! The version 2.0 focuses on user-oriented and community features, as well as enhancing the experience of using NODO on mobile.

In this version, users can now post directly on the NODO Feed, utilize quoting and reposting functionalities, and easily discover and follow top content contributors, as well as their favorite Experts and Makers. All of these content creation and sharing features are available on both desktop and mobile, and they are also being gradually implemented on the progressive web app (PWA) version of NODO to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience for our mobile users.

We’ve also launched a dedicated page for campaigns of NODO where you can check out all of the latest and hottest reward programs hosted by NODO and our partners: 

Discover the latest and greatest content and opportunities in the pan-African Web3 and tech product ecosystem, as well as creating your own Web3 content and sharing it to the community, only on NODO!

Enhanced Content Discovery and Sharing on NODO Feed

In the new update, users can now make Posts directly on the NODO Feed. User-created posts will go through a quick review by our NODO Content Moderators for approval before being published to ensure that it follows our content guidelines, and you can earn XP for posting your great content to the community. This way, NODO can empower users to directly contribute to the Web3 ecosystem while also diversifying our platform’s content for a truly consumer-centric Web3 experience.

To access the Posting feature, you will need to have at least 5,000 XP and also use the NODO platform for 48 hours minimum. This is a security to prevent spam and ensure quality of content, on top of requiring the content to be approved by our Content Moderators. Follow the simple steps below to start posting your own content on NODO platform today!


If you are interested in contributing to the NODO platform as a moderator approving user-generated content, apply to become a NODO Content Fellow here:

Security and Quality Control Measures

We have also implemented several features and measures for spam control. In addition to the existing upvote feature, we have added a “report” feature for users to flag low-quality, misleading/inaccurate, or offensive comments by other users. Our team will then review and remove from the Post if needed. Additionally, users can only make a maximum of 5 comments on the same Post, with a 90-second downtime between comments to deter spam. Editing or deleting comments is only allowed within the initial 30 seconds after posting. We’ve also introduced the ability to sort comments by “Most Recent” and “Most Upvoted” for your preference.

Content Discovery

You can interact more with content on NODO than ever before: Repost the great content you discover on NODO or Quote specific inspirational or insightful lines you like in any post – all seamlessly through the NODO Feed with just a few clicks. 

You can also follow another profile on NODO – be it a user, Maker, or Expert – so you can keep up with the posts, comments, and reviews they put out on NODO, as your Feed will be updating you with the latest content from the profiles that you follow as well. We have also added a “Discover Active Contributors” section where you can see the currently the most actively and highly upvoted profiles on NODO to check out their content and follow them!

The progressive wep app (PWA) version of NODO is being enhanced to allow you to publish, syndicate and amplify content further. Please stay tuned and follow us on our official social media channels to get instant updates on when new features are released!

Showcase Your Product Community Campaigns with NODO
NODO Campaigns Page For Makers Article

We have also launched a dedicated page for all Product Community campaigns jointly hosted by NODO and our partnered Makers as well as any limited-time programs we have, even ones at offline events. Any joint reward programs between NODO and our Makers will be featured prominently on this exclusive page which will be eagerly accessed daily by our 80,000+ registered users.

Access the new NODO Campaigns page here:

If you are interested in hosting a Product Community campaign on NODO, apply to become a NODO Maker and collaborating with us on a reward campaign here.

Coming Soon: NODO Gems System to Unlock Earnings and Rewards

To realize our vision of democratizing the technology & product community in Africa and establishing a platform where African growth is accessible to all, we will soon be implementing an innovative system to our NODO platform called Gems. This will be a NODO-exclusive form of “currency” that users can earn through interacting with the platform to cash out and stake to earn, while Makers, Experts, and Content Fellows will be able receive payments and fees in Gems, as well as using them to amplify their content and programs on the NODO platform.

NODO Partnership Services Deck

NODO Gems is one the 5 core pillars of the NODO ecosystem, enabling onchain and off-chain rewards through integration with Layer-1 blockchains, allowing users users to progress through multiple learning and product pathways within the NODO ecosystem while earning native tokens of their favorite blockchains. Together with NODO Feed for discovery of news, influencer opinions, and quality content, NODO Product Community for digital product showcase of products, NODO Badge to showcase on-chain and off-chain achievements to others, and NODO Grants to bolster the growth of Web3 projects in Africa, the NODO product ecosystem aims to democratize the technology & product community in Africa and establish a platform where African growth is accessible to all. And we aim to achieve this vision by creating the most extensive Pan-African Web3 & technology product community and fostering a space where the African tech ecosystem collaborates, communicates, and grows in products and technologies.

Please look forward to more information about this exciting new feature, coming very soon to NODO!

We hope you will continue to enjoy the experience of discovering, creating, and connecting with great Web3 & tech product content, communities, and personalities on the pan-African platform NODO. With the addition of these user-generated content features on top of the robust product community ecosystem of NODO, we invite users, Makers, and Experts across African content to join the NODO platform and contribute to building a vibrant African Web3 and tech community together!

About NODO

NODO is the pan-African product community platform with a vision to inform and educate builders & consumers on the latest Web3 & technology products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. 

Official website:

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