August 21, 2023

Empower African Web3 and Tech Startup Success Stories - Become A NODO GRANT Partner



The African continent is rife with innovation and ambitious builders are leveraging blockchain technology to reshape industries. At NODO, we believe in nurturing this potential and supporting exceptional entrepreneurs and blockchain projects, aimed at promoting mass adoption and opening up financial opportunities for both African startups and consumers.

This is why we launched our NODO Grants with $1,000 reward weekly for outstanding companies making a tangible impact on the future of Web3 in Africa. The NODO platform was created to inform, educate, and connect African Web3 innovation to mass consumers, and NODO GRANT will add to this by providing support for African Web3 builders. As we celebrate the remarkable success of the first phase of our grant program, we invite forward-thinking companies to partner with us.

Through the project, we have identified a gap between many large Protocols, Organisations and Companies’ goals for their own growth, and their technical capacity to make it happen. We have also seen through our incredible and diverse network of partners the innovative technologies that can disrupt even the biggest traditional industry, and we hope to bring these two worlds together.

With NODO Grants, Sponsors can partner with a wide pool of relevant technical innovators, to identify key future opportunities wherever it matters to them, without the huge expense of internal research and development.

Grant Highlights:

The NODO grants program is providing a much-needed boost to outstanding blockchain companies. In just over three months, we have received an overwhelming response with over 470 applicants and more than 24,000 community votes. The success stories are exciting and showcase the impact these grants can have on the growth and success of promising startups.

What Our Grants Winners Are Saying:


Why You Should Partner With Us:

  • Streamlined Infrastructure:

We recognize that many companies want to offer grants and support African innovation but often lack the infrastructure and resources to efficiently review applications, manage outreach and promotions, and maintain relationships. By partnering with NODO, companies can tap into our streamlined and effective infrastructure, ensuring that grants are awarded to the most deserving candidates. Our expert team conducts a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring that the grant recipients truly embody innovation, viability and social impact.

  • End-to-End Operational Support:

NODO will help you efficiently review applications, manage outreach and promotions, and maintain relationships with GRANT applicants. Our team will handle the full process from application and due diligence to detailed analysis and feedback, giving you quality insights about applicant projects and their investability.

  • Creating A Thriving Web3 Ecosystem:

Partnering with NODO’s grant program goes beyond offering financial assistance; it is a commitment to fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem in Africa. Through our platform, partners gain unparalleled exposure to a vibrant community of innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs. As grant recipients emerge as industry leaders, partners can proudly stand alongside them, showcasing their dedication to driving meaningful change and transformative innovation.

  • Building A Positive Brand Image Through Impactful Sponsorship:

Companies that choose to sponsor our grant program through NODO position themselves as champions of change and catalysts for progress. The impact of their sponsorship reaches far beyond financial assistance, as they become instrumental in shaping the future of Web3 in Africa. Sponsoring these grants presents an opportunity for companies to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility, inspiring customers, investors, and stakeholders alike.

  • Cutting Edge Technologies and Incredible Local Talent

We are all looking for the “Next Big Thing”. With NODO Grants Sponsorships, you can build the NODO Grant Program around your Business, Community or Protocol’s priorities; and get instant access to a wide pool of talented technologists capable of unlocking the hidden potential in your business. With NODO Grants you can support your own Product innovation journey, without the internal cost of development – with a front row seat to the next big thing.  

  • Connect and Leverage our Marketing Infrastructure and Community

Partnering with NODO means that you can gain access to our robust marketing infrastructure with over 30,000 African Web3 users as well as diverse partners network. Most notably, the NODO GRANT Expert Panel consists of industry experts from EMURGO Africa, Adaverse, CV VC, and AfyaRekod with whom you can connect and collaborate. NODO also frequently hosts major online and offline events that are focused on media publicity so you can stay connected with Markers & Experts in African Web3 and tech space. Build your brand and popularity by leveraging NODO’s robust marketing infrastructure.

About NODO

NODO is the pan-African discovery and product community platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 & technology products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. 

NODO was founded by EMURGO Africa, a venture arm focused on Africa and the Middle East and a regional entity of Cardano Blockchain founding entity EMURGO. Emurgo Africa is a $100M fund invested in 40 companies as of Q2 2023.

Official website:

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